Night Tech thermal imaging monoculars - Available Now!

Thermal imaging devices have a heap of applications from hunting, security, surveillance, energy analysis, industrial applications and in search and rescue and fire operations. The list is endless, and we're delighted to have welcomed a brand new line of thermal monoculars to our product line that will help with all of these uses and more. 

Introducing Night Tech thermal imaging monoculars. 

Featuring a high quality design that produces images of exceptional resolution and accuracy, Night Tech Stealth thermal monoculars are also rugged and durable meaning you can rely on them in the field. 

Whether you need a thermal monocular to help you see deer in low light conditions on your next hunt, to detect intruders on your avocado farm, or for use in a professional capacity in law enforcement or firefighting, Night Tech thermal monoculars are sure to impress. 

With options with 25mm, 35mm and 50mm objective lenses, a range of magnifications, and more importantly varying detection ranges for humans and animals, there's a Stealth XD thermal monocular to suit the needs of many. 

If you're in need of a clearer view in low light and fully dark conditions, then a Night Tech thermal imaging monocular is sure to impress. 

Browse our range of Night Tech thermal monoculars now


  • ScopeUout

    Hi Allan, Thanks fo your message. We’re an online retailer based in Wellington. We offer free shipping across NZ and we’ll be happy to answer as many questions as you may have before making a purchase. Look forward to hearing from you via phone or email soon. Thanks, Jodi

  • Allan Richards

    Where is your retail shop, or are you just online?

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