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    119 products

    Buy Vortex binoculars, riflescopes, rangefinders, spotting scopes, red dot sights and monoculars in New Zealand

    If you're looking for awesome optics for hunting, nature watching and more then look no further than our wide range of Vortex sporting optics. 

    About Vortex Optics

    Headquartered in the USA, Vortex Optics was founded in 1986 and still remains family owned and operated to this day. Known fo their ability to balance quality and value, Vortex pride themselves on offering the very best warranty on the market. This warranty covers their products against damage or defect, even if that damage is caused by accident by you. This exceptional warranty provides peace of mind and is loved by users across New Zealand.

    The Vortex line includes an optic or accessory for virtually any form of observing of the world around you. The only optic that they don’t produce are astronomy telescopes, but their binocular and spotting scope lines come in some large lenses so could be used for occasional stargazing. Let's take a look at the Vortex range to see that treats they have on offer. In addition, you won’t find a vortex thermal scope, but you can check out all of our thermal scopes here.

    Vortex Rifle Scopes

    Vortex riflescopes are highly regarded by hunters and target shooters alike. Vortex have a model of scope to suit all needs, whether you’re deer hunting, pig hunting, controlling vermin or competing in shooting competitions at the range. From the well loved Crossfire and Diamondback ranges through to the Diamondback Tactical, Venom, Viper PST, HS, HST, Golden Eagle and Razor HD lines, Vortex offer great quality to suit each price point.

    Vortex Binoculars

    With a range to suit most budgets, Vortex have you covered when it comes to binoculars. Their binoculars are available in a range of lens sizes and magnifications to suit bird watching, hunting, spectating, travel, astronomy and more. They also have a range of lines that offer different features and quality in a variety of price brackets, from their entry level Vanquish line, through to Crossfire HD, Diamondback HD, Viper HD, Razor HD, Kaibab HD right to their top level Razor UHD range. All Vortex binoculars, regardless of their price point are waterproof and covered by the amazing warranty.

    Vortex Spotting Scopes

    The Vortex spotting scope line includes some of our best selling spotting scope models, and it’s for a good reason. Even Vortex’s most affordable spotting scope from their Diamondback line offers high definition glass and is packed with quality lens coatings and ergonomic features that make for enjoyable use when out in the bush hunting, enjoying views from home, birding round a lake or practicing your shot at the range. With lens sizes from 50mm through to 85mm in their Diamondback HD and Razor HD lines, there are compact and full sized versions available. If you’re looking for a spotting scope with rangefinder capabilities due to an inbuilt scope reticle, then Vortex also offer the ability to upgrade the eyepieces of their Razor spotting scope line.

    Vortex Monoculars

    Vortex Solo monoculars come in a couple of different lens sizes depending on how compact you wish them to be. All models are waterproof and rubber armoured making them great for use outdoors. Once model has a reticle included to help with range finding.

    Vortex Rangefinders

    Vortex have upgraded their range finder line to include HD optics in all models from their entry line Crossfire through to Diamondback, Viper and top of the line Razor models.

    Vortex Scope Rings

    Vortex offer a range of precision manufactured riflescope rings to suit scopes with varying tube diameters and heights. They have Picatinny and weaver options to suit your mount.

    Vortex Red Dot Sights

    A range of different lines of red dot sights are available from Vortex, with a model for most budgets. From the entry level Crossfire line through to the Sparc, Venom, Viper and Razor lines, they have models with 2 MOA dots through to 6 MOA dots. In addition, their Prism scopes from their Spitfire line have BDC reticles for bullet drop estimation.

    Vortex Tripods

    Vortex has a range of tripods available to suit different budgets and requirements. From aluminium Mountain Pass and High Country models to the Summit, Switchback and Ridgeview carbon fibre models, their tripods are designed to offer a stable and secure platform to mount your optics on. 

    Additional Information about Vortex Optics

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