Mendota Dog Leads, Collars, Coats and Toys

38 products

    38 products

    Buy Mendota Dog Equipment in New Zealand (NZ)

    Our range of Mendota Pet dog equipment is of high quality yet is still fantastic value. Many of their products are hand made in the USA to the highest of standards, meaning that they'll last the lifetime of your pet and beyond. 

    Mendota dog leads and collars

    Mendota have a dog lead for every dog and every occasion. Their line of slip leads are great for training puppies and dogs and their snap leads are great for dog walking and more. Their collars are designed to suit all sizes of dogs and are available for different activities including general use, hunting and show use. With colourful options made from quality rope, or traditional classics made from soft leather, there's a Mendota lead and collar for every pooch in New Zealand!

    Dog coats and skids for working dogs

    If you have a working farm or sheep dog, or a hunting dog, then it's vital you do whatever you can to protect them from danger when out in the field. Mendota dog skid plates can do just that, protecting their vital organs from damage when they're walking or running through rough ground of undergrowth. In addition, their high visibility dog coats are ideal for working dogs and family pets and are great for night time situations when you want to be able to easily spot your dog. 

    Mendota Dog Toys

    Our range of Mendota dog balls and toys will keep your adult dog or puppy entertained for hours on end thanks to their durable yet chewy texture and inbuilt squeaker. 

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