Limbsaver Recoil Pads

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    2 products

    Buy Limbsaver Recoil Pads in New Zealand (NZ)

    Our exclusive collection of Limbsaver recoil pads is designed to enhance your shooting experience with superior recoil reduction and comfort. Our collection features the Precision Fit Classic Line, AirTech Slip-On Line, and Grind-to-Fit models, each crafted with Limbsaver's renowned quality and innovative technology. The Precision Fit Classic Line is tailored to fit specific rifle models, ensuring a seamless integration that maintains the balance and aesthetics of your firearm. The AirTech Slip-On Line offers the convenience of easy installation, fitting a wide range of rifle stocks without compromising on performance. For those seeking a custom fit, our Grind-to-Fit models can be precisely shaped to match your rifle's stock contours. Limbsaver's recoil pads are engineered with proprietary NAVCOM technology to effectively dissipate energy, reducing felt recoil by up to 70%. Whether you are a hunter, competitive shooter, or recreational enthusiast, our Limbsaver collection promises enhanced accuracy, stability, and shooting comfort.

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