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    34 products

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    If you’ve made the great decision to purchase a spotting scope for your observing of animals, birds, landscapes and more, then congratulations - great choice! You might be asking yourself “what accessories do I need to buy for my spotting scope?”. Well this all depends on what spotting scope you’ve purchased. In our collection of scope accessories, we’ve included all of the extra things that you might need to consider alongside the purchase of the spotting scope itself.


    A couple of our Nikon Prostaff spotting scopes come in two parts. First you purchase the spotting scope body and then you buy an eyepiece to go with it. We'll always be sure to let you know which eyepiece you need with which spotting scope; just take a read of the product specifications. 


    All spotting scopes need to be used with a tripod due to their size and also their high magnification ranges which mean they’re susceptible to image shake. Some entry level spotting scopes come with a table top tripod but most spotting scopes need to be paired with a suitable tripod which is purchased separately. If you’re buying a tripod for your spotting scope then be sure to choose one which has a safety payload weight which is higher than the weight of the spotting scope to ensure that it will offer a sturdy and secure platform for observing.

    Phone scope accessories

    What’s better than enjoying amazing views of the world around you in bright, clear detail? Taking photos of it to share with others! We have a range of digiscoping adapters available that allow you to attach your phone to your scope so that you can take photos.

    If you’re not sure what a spotting scope comes with then be sure to check out the product features and specifications section of the product description. As a rule of thumb, most spotting scopes come with the eyepiece but not a tripod of phone adapter. There are exceptions but this is generally the case.

    If you need some help choosing a spotting scope then check out our buyers guide or check our our guide about when and how to use a spotting scope. Once you’ve chosen the scope, use our tripod buying guide and blog article to help you to choose the right tripod for your scope. If you’re still unsure and need some advice then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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