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ScopeUout is an authorised retailer of a wide selection of high quality binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, riflescopes, monoculars, rangefinders, microscopes, thermal imaging and more. Our products are sourced from the authorised New Zealand importers of leading brands from around the world, and delivered directly to your door from our New Zealand based warehouses.

Browse our collection of Athlon, Alpen, Bushnell, BSA, Butler Creek, Carson, Celestron, Discovery, Delta Optical, Gamo, Konus, Kowa, Kite, Leica, Leupold, Laser Genetics, Manfrotto, Meade, Nightforce, Night Tech, Nikon, Nova, Nikko Stirling, Olympus, Oz-Mate, Pentax, Rudolph Optics, Sightron, Stealth, Sky-Watcher, Sun Optics USA, Talley, Tasco, Toysmith, Vanguard, Vixen, Velbon, Vortex and Zeiss optics and accessories; we're sure you'll find what you're looking for. Below you can find out more about each of the brands that we are proud to represent. 

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Alpen Optics

Alpen Optics are an American owned brand of sporting optics that are renowned for producing high quality optics at great value prices. Established in 1996, Alpen Optics produce a wide range of sporting optics including binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, monoculars and accessories. From entry level through to their world class ranges of optics, Alpen have something for every birder, hunter, spectator and more. Rated as the second best selling brand in the USA behind Bushnell, you don't want to miss out on being the proud owner of Alpen Optics. 

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ATN Corporation Optics

Founded in 1995, ATN have gone from strength to strength and are now one of the leading Tech Optics companies in the world. With their head office in the USA, ATN are the market-leading manufacturer and developer of 4K Resolution Digital Smart Optics for Day and Night operation, as well as Smart Thermal Imaging optics for ultimate Night Operations. 

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Athlon Optics

Established in 2014, the Athlon brand of sports optics has quickly developed a reputation of high quality, precision optics that are built to perform exceptionally and withstand the rigours of the field.

Headquartered in the USA, Athlon offers a range of binoculars or riflescopes to suit any activity and budget, and products are manufactured in either Japan or China.

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BSA Optics

Established in 1861 in Birmingham, and initially known as an arms maker for the British military, the Birmingham Small Arms company, or BSA Optics as it is now known, has over 155 years of experience in making quality optics. Indeed, the company was so highly regarded during WWII that it was responsible for the production of over 50% of the small arms used by the British forces during the conflict. Initially only specialising in rifles, BSA now offer a range of quality and reliable scopes for air guns and .22 calibre rifles. 

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Bushnell Optics

The Bushnell brand of sporting optics is part of the Bushnell Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, an American company which specialises the development, manufacturing and marketing of binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes and other viewing optics.

Since it was founded in 1948 Bushnell has gone from strength to strength, and today, the Bushnell brand of optics sits alongside other well known brands such as Tasco and Millett under the Vista Outdoor umbrella. 

Bushnell has been an industry leader in high-performance sports optics for more than 65 years, with the brands aim being to provide the highest quality, most reliable and affordable sports optics products on the market.

Bushnell products have consistently won design and performance awards and they continue to explore ways to utilise emerging technologies to market sports optics that pair leading-edge design with performance innovation.

Bushnell rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, red dot sights and accessories are available to buy online in New Zealand at awesome prices at ScopeUout.

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Butler Creek optical accessories

Part of the Vista Outdoors group of outdoor brands, Butler Creek started life in Montana, USA in the 1930s. Today, the brand are renowned for their innovative, field-proven accessories that improve the experience for hunters and nature enthusiasts alike.

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Carson Optics

The Carson brand of optics started over 25 years ago in non other than an American basement! Founded by Richard Cameron, an ex banker, the company continues to go from strength to strength in the optical field thanks to their overwhelming drive to improve the overall experience of customers using sporting optics. 

From their humble beginnings, Carson have expanded and developed into one of the leading manufactures of optics in the US. Today, Carson products are loved by outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and astronomers worldwide, and products from their award winning line are always making it into the media for all the right reasons!

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Celestron Optics

The Celestron brand has a long rich history as a leader in the optics industry that spans over five decades. Established in the USA in 1960, Celestron optics are well respected, innovative, and often in the public eye and media. Indeed, Celestron optics have been used on board space shuttles, in the White house and on tv shows. Our range of Celestron telescopes, binoculars and accessories feature the quality that Celestron is well known for. 

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Delta Optics

Established in Poland in 2002 by a group of people passionate about optics and the outdoors, Delta Optics has grown to be a well known optical brand across Poland, Europe and beyond.

With a range of quality and reliable optics for hobbyists and professionals with an interest in observing nature, hunting and more, Delta Optics are passionate about bringing satisfaction to even the most demanding clientele while maintaining the best value for money ratio.

Delta optics are not only used by hobbyists, but also Police, Forest Rangers and the Polish Mountain Rescue Team.

Delta Optics are relatively new to the New Zealand market and are already impressing.

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Discovery Optics

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in China, Discovery Optics specialise in the research, development, manufacture and sale of precise optical equipment including sports optics. A leading player in the area of affordable yet high quality optics, Discovery optics are best sellers in a number of countries across the globe. 

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Gamo Optics

Established in Barcelona, Spain in 1955, Gamo is perhaps best known for its award winning airguns, however their range of sporting optics are also very popular and of fantastic quality. With over 50 years of experience, developing innovative new technologies for rifles and scopes, Gamo now has a long established and respected presence in over 90 countries across the world. A select range of Gamo rifle scopes, red dot sights and accessories including scope rings and mounts are available from ScopeUout.

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Kite Optics

Founded by Georges De Putter in Jabbeke, Belgium in 1992, Kite optics are world renowned for their superior optical performance and mechanical quality. Supplying professional institutions, universities, nature reserves and specialist stores in over 20 countries across the world, Kite binoculars and spotting scopes are manufactured in Japan and undergo their final quality control checks in Belgium.

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Kowa Optics

Our Kowa range of binoculars are brought to you from the Kowa Company Ltd which was established in Japan in 1894 and has since grown to be a multinational company with seven business divisions.

In 1952, the electronics and optics arm of the Kowa company began the production of spotting scopes for examining targets in target shooting matches. So highly regarded were these optics, that they were used in the 1964 Olympic Hames held in Tokyo.

Since their discovery by birders and nature watchers Kowa optics have become world renowned for their high quality, award winning optical offerings which include three binocular ranges for beginners through to expert glassers.

Browse our range of Kowa products

Konus Optics

The Konus brand of sporting optics was founded in Verona in Northern Italy in 1979. Since its conception, Konus has had a clear vision to provide high quality and functional products that result in total consumer satisfaction. Over thirty years on, and the Konus brand has expanded into a global network. Our large range of Konus products has something for any budget or application and includes binoculars and spotting scopes.

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Laser Genetics Laser Lights

The Laser Genetics line of laser lights are manufactured by BSA Optics who have over 150 years of experience in making quality optics for the field. These specialist laser lights utilise the green light wavelengths most visible to the human eye, transforming night into day. They're ideal for night hunting, search and rescue missions, tactical operations and for using as a flash light on camping trips. 

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Leupold Optics

Established in America in 1907 by brother-in-laws and close friends, Fred Leupold and Adam Volpel, Leupold Optics started life as a hand made surveying equipment manufacturer. They prided themselves on offering the customer a square deal - something that the brand stand behind to this day. 

As the company grew, a keen outdoors man joined the ranks, and, unimpressed with his current hunting scope, decided to add sports optics to the Leupold line. Here, the worlds first, fog-free scope was born. It was at this point that the Leupold company that is so well known today was formed. 

Fast forward to today and Leupold employs over 650 hard work employees and offers some of the best quality sports optics and accessories on the market in the world. 

Browse our range of Leupold Riflescope rings, mounts and bases

Manfrotto Tripods

The Manfrotto brand of tripods are manufactured by Italian based company, Lino Manfrotto + Co. Spa. Founded in the 1960’s by Italian photo journalist, Lino Manfrotto himself, Manfrotto introduced it’s first tripod to their range in 1974. Since then, Manfrotto tripods have become world leading in the field of photographic supports, and they are ideal for providing lightweight, sturdy platforms for cameras, binoculars and small spotting scopes alike. Today, Manfrotto is part of the Vitec Group which looks after other well known photographic brands such as Gitzo and National Geographic.

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Meade Optics

Since its founding in 1972, Meade has become one of the world's foremost manufacturers of telescopes and accessories for the serious or amateur astronomer. Using cutting-edge technology and award-winning innovation, Meade has won the market in astronomy optics in all categories. Exclusive features make Meade stand out in the world of telescopes. Many models feature AutoStar, an invaluable database that offers in-depth information about hundreds of thousands of celestial bodies.

A select number of Mead telescopes are available to buy online from ScopeUout, including a telescope from Meads incredibly popular ETX series.

Browse our range of Mead products

Nightforce Optics

Established in South Australia in 1992, by dentist Raymond Dennis, Nightforce has etched an award winning name for itself in the minds of hunters, professional and competitive shooters and military across the globe.

Thanks to Raymonds love of shooting and hunting small game and varmints, problem solving mind, drive and keen eye for what’s previously been missing in the optics market, the range of Nightforce riflescopes has been steadily expanding since their conception.

Nightforce riflescopes are proven in combat, in Arctic cold, in desert heat, in environments that can—and will—cause less well built, less thoroughly tested riflescopes to quickly fail, and that’s why they’re loved and so highly respected across the globe. 

Browse our range of Nightforce Optics. 

Night Tech Thermal Imaging

The Night Tech brand focuses on designing and manufacturing products that help you see in the dark. Their range of thermal imaging devices are fantastic for recreational and professional hunters. At Night Tech it’s their mission to bring you high quality, rugged products that are backed by exceptional customer service.

Browse our range of Night Tech thermal imaging devices

Nikko Stirling Optics

The Nikko Stirling brand of optics was established in 1956 by founder, Malcolm John Fuller.

Born in Australia, Fuller was an avid big game hunter and spent his entire life surrounded by firearms. This exposure filled him with tremendous practical experience that has been a cornerstone to the development of riflescopes under the Nikko Stirling range.

Initially utilising optics factories that were emerging in Japan in the 1950s, he founded the Stirling Scope Company Ltd in Tokyo, Japan to manufacture and export Nikko Stirling riflescopes to Europe, Africa and Australasia.

Today the range of Nikko Stirling riflescopes offers a choice for all firearms enthusiasts. Serious hunters look to the Diamond series scopes, While new enthusiasts start out with a Mountmaster scope on their air gun or .22 rifles.

Browse our range of Nikko Stirling products

Nikon Optics

Nikon is a long standing global leader in precision optics. Established in Japan in 1917, Nikon holds almost a century of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality optics, and now has divisions in many countries across the world. Despite being most commonly known for their high performing photographic equipment, Nikon have been manufacturing reliable, quality binoculars since 1917. Today Nikon continues to push the boundaries of optical technology and their binoculars have established a benchmark for extraordinary value by which all others are compared.

Our range of Nikon optics includes binoculars, range finders, riflescopes, spotting scopes and action cameras.

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Nova Optics

The Nova brand of telescopes are designed, manufactured and distributed by Synta, the same manufacturer that makes the popular Skywatcher brand of telescopes. Nova telescopes are virtually identical to Skywatcher scopes excluding the name. Nova telescopes offer fantastic optical quality and great low prices.

A range of Nova telescopes are available to buy online from ScopeUout. Whether you're looking for a telescope with a large or small aperture, we've got an affordable and high quality Nova option for you.

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Olympus Optics

Since it was founded in Japan in 1919, Olympus has been leading the way in the manufacturing of innovative optical equipment for the healthcare and consumer electronics sectors. Well known for it’s market leading cameras, Olympus uses its many years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing photographic equipment, to produce sporting optics of an equally high quality and craftsmanship.

A range of Olympus binoculars are available to purchase online from ScopeUout. If you’re looking for compact, lightweight and waterproof binoculars suitable for travel, spectating indoors and outdoors, sight-seeing or outdoor activities such as hiking, then you won’t be disappointed by the Olympus range.

Browse our range of Olympus products

Oz-Mate Optics

The Oz-Mate brand of binoculars started life in Sydney, Australia in 2013. A brand of the Australian outdoor gear manufacturing company, Golden Bell, the Oz-Mate brand of binoculars and other sporting optics are designed and manufactured to provide superior value and performance without breaking the bank, meaning that for every dollar that you spend, you get a solid quality pair of binoculars.

Browse our range of Oz-Mate products

Pentax Optics

The Pentax brand is often most widely known for its digital cameras, but also has many decades of experience in producing some of the world’s leading sports optics including binoculars.

As a brand of Richo Imaging, Pentax offers a full range of binoculars for virtually any use, from bird watching, to travel, to hunting and spectator sports. If you’re looking for the best binoculars on the web, then we have a Pentax product to not only suit your needs but exceed your expectations. 

Our range of Pentax binoculars includes compact binoculars, full size binoculars, binoculars for use at night or in low light, roof prism binoculars, porro prism binoculars and waterproof binoculars. All of our binoculars come at the best prices and are shipped for free within New Zealand. 

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Ridgeline accessories

Proudly New Zealand owned, Ridgeline was established over 25 years ago as a specialised outdoor clothing brand. Renowned for their quality gear, Ridgeline have since expanded into a range of exceptional optical accessories such as binocular carry cases. 

Browse Ridgeline accessories

Rudolph Optics

Rudolph Optics was established in 2009 by passionate hunter, South African Rudolph Baard after he noticed a gap in the market for good quality riflescopes and related optics that are more affordable to the local hunter.

What started out as a hobby for Rudolph has developed into a well-established business encompassing Rudolph Optics alongside South Africa’s retail heaven for all that is hunting related; Safari & Outdoor.

Rudolph did extensive research and testing on different riflescopes and realized that in Japan he would find exactly what he is looking for. He set out to meet his Japanese manufacturer at the January 2009 Shot Show in Las Vegas and that is where it all began.

Today Rudolph Optics pride themselves on offering optics with quality precision engineering with extreme reliability and a lifetime guarantee.

Browse our range of Rudolph Optics Riflescopes

Sightron Optics

Established in 1993 in the USA, Sightron is owned by a Japanese parent company who specialise in the production of high end optics. Over their 20+ years experience in the optics market, Sightron has quickly evolved into a player in mid to high performance riflescopes and more. This awesome brand of optics offers high quality in a range of different price brackets and continues to grow their outstanding reputation thanks for their epic performance and ability to impress even the most professional of optics users. 

Browse our range of Sightron Riflescopes

Skywatcher Optics

The Sky-Watcher brand of telescopes is owned and operated by Synta Technology Corporation who also manufacture and distribute the popular Celestron brand of telescopes. Sky Watcher is recognised as the world’s largest telescope supplier. A small selection of high end Skywatcher telescopes are available to buy from ScopeUout.

Browse our range of Skywatcher products

Snypex Optics

The Snypex brand of optics is proudly American owned and based in Long Island, New York. Established in 2011, Snypex products are designed using the latest technology and utilising the finest components available to achieve the clearest and brightest images possible. The Synpex range of optics features ED and HD binoculars and ED/APO spotting scopes, ED/APO digiscopes, military binocular laser range finders and more.

Snypex binoculars have consistently won awards in the bestbinocularsreviews.com ‘Best Binocular Awards’, and offer exceptional quality and value.

Browse our range of Snypex Optics

Stealth Optics

The Stealth brand of sports optics and scope rings is 100% Kiwi owned and operated. Designed and manufactured by Cameron Outdoors, Stealth optics offer quality and reliability at an affordable price. 

Browse our range of Stealth Optics. 

Sun Optics USA Optics

The Sun Optics USA brand of sporting and hunting optics has a long standing reputation of designing and constructing high quality hunting and tactical equipment that is long lasting, high performing and affordable. Encompassing an exceptionally broad range of hunting riflescopes, tactical rifle scopes and all related weapon accessories including mounts, rings and laser sight equipment, the Sun Optics range of optics is popular in America and across the world.

Browse our range of Sun Optics products

Talley Rings and Mounts

Based in the USA, Talley Manufacturing has been setting a standard for superior quality in the firearms industry for over 40 years. Their range of riflescope rings and mounts are known across the world for their durability and quality and they supply law enforcement and enthusiasts alike. 

Browse our range of Talley products

Tasco Optics

The Tasco brand of sporting optics began its life in Florida in 1954 as a fishing tackle company. Fast forward six decades and the Tasco brand now includes sporting optics such as binoculars, spotting scopes and riflescopes, and sits alongside the Bushnell and Millett brands under the Vista Outdoor Company.

Tasco products are extremely popular the world over, with their quality yet affordable products being some of the best selling mid-priced optics in New Zealand.

Tasco make it their mission to design and manufacture quality optics that will fit any family’s budget, and offer a wide range of optics for nature and bird watching, hunting and more, that are all packed with the latest features and technologies.

Browse our range of Tasco products

Toysmith Toys

The Toysmith story began in 1982 and for almost forty years the company have built a reputation of trust and customer service within the toy industry. Toysmith manufacture and distribute all types of high-quality toys and gifts and their Outdoor Discovery range offers a selection of exploration toys and gadgets that help to motivate junior explorers to connect with nature.

Browse our range of Toysmith Toys

Valdada USA Optics

A proudly US owned company Valdada started life as importers of world leading European optical brands in to the USA in 1990. Fast forward 30 years, and today, Valdada are manufacturing their very own, world leading 40mm tube riflescopes in Japan and have a range of optical equipment that impresses long range and extreme long range shooters across the world.

Browse our range of Valdada USA products

Vanguard Optics

VANGUARD® is a global manufacturer of tripods, camera bags and cases, shooting sticks, gun/bow cases, binoculars and spotting scopes and rifle scopes with first-of-its-kind features and capabilities. With 26 years of expertise, their innovative products are hailed around the world.

Browse our range of Vanguard products

Vixen Optics Riflescopes

Established in Japan in 1949, Vixen Optics have built a well respected, world renowned optical brand that are retailed across the globe. The Vixen Optics company continually strive to pursue new and innovative quality optical designs to fulfil the needs of their ever growing base of customers. Their riflescope range offers quality, reliability, durability and accuracy, and has a scope for every activity and budget.  

Browse our range of Vixen products

Velbon Tripods

Established in Japan in 1955, the Velbon Tripod company have continually expanded over the years, and have at sometime had factories in Japan, Taiwan, the USA and China. Today, as the company strives to provide the tripod industry with continually improving technologies, they work closely with material manufacturers from around the globe to offer the very best tripods that the world has to offer. Velbon tripods are known for their lightweight yet sturdy and durable qualities and are known world-wide for their innovative and high quality offerings for use with sports optics and cameras.  

Browse our range of Velbon products

Vortex Optics

The Vortex brand was established in 2002 in Wisconsin, America, by the Hamilton family, Dan and Margie.

From it’s origins as a small outdoor retail store which started life in 1986, the Vortex brand of optics has gone from strength to strength, and over fifteen years on, Vortex is a well known name in any hunting, wildlife watching or target shooting household across the globe. The Hamilton family continue to own and operate the brand, and are now joined by over 200 American based employees.

All Vortex products are designed, engineered, pre-inspected and serviced in their modern facility to ensure you receive the best products and service for your hard earned money.

Browse our range of Vortex products

Zeiss Optics

Founded 165 years ago as a small workshop for optics and precision engineering, the company and name Carl Zeiss, have an international reputation for innovation and cutting edge technology in all fields of optics. The products combine technical precision and functional design in equal measure. They are reliable tools as well as being the key to intense experiences in the hands of discriminating customers.

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