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    At ScopeUout we’re authorised retailers of the well respected line of Celestron telescopes. The Celestron range of telescopes has something for all budgets. With telescopes for those looking for entry level refractors, reflectors, or dobsonians, or the very best of the best in terms of optical quality and design, Celestron has something that will be sure to impress in their StarSense, PowerSeeker, FirstScope, AstroMaster and Ambassador ranges.

    If you’re looking for a new telescope for astronomy then you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at the different lines of telescopes on offer from Celestron to see which will suit your needs and will be the best Celestron telescopes for your needs.


    As the name of this line of entry level telescopes suggests, the Celestron FirstScope range are designed for budding astronomers who want a quality yet affordable first scope. Great for kids and adults alike, this dobsonian line of telescopes from Celestron is designed to have a large, 76mm lens but be as compact as possible. The FirstScope telescope comes with everything you need to easily get started watching the night sky and is incredibly easy to set up.


    Celestrons PowerSeeker telescopes offer an affordable entry level telescope option in a refractor design. This makes the scope great for astronomy and also occasional day viewing. It comes with everything you need to get started.


    By far Celestrons most popular line, StarSense telescopes comes in all different shapes and sizes from refractors to reflectors with apertures of 70mm through to 130mm. Alongside quality optics and construction, a key feature of all StarSense telescopes is the inclusion of Celestrons patented StarSense dock and StarSense Explorer app. This fantastic feature allows you to dock your phone in the special holder on top of the telescope then use the app to manually guide you around the night sky. The app generates a list of celestial objects currently visible on the day and time of use. All you have to do is decide what you’d like to see and then use the arrows that appear on-screen to move the telescope to that object.


    The AstroMaster line of telescopes has a refractor and reflector option to suit your requirements. Designed for those looking for their first telescope, the AstroMaster line comes with everything you need to get started with star gazing. In addition, this line of telescopes comes with an included smart phone digiscoping adapter which allows you to easily connect your phone to take photos of the night sky through the telescope.


    The Celestron Ambassador telescope is designed with a distinctive vintage nautical style and is an ideal decorative showpiece for the home, office, or anywhere you may want to incorporate its vintage style in to your decor. This fancy looking brass telescope is constructed with modern glass and equiped with the Starry Night software which provides easy-to-understand explanations and impressive visuals of all kinds of night sky phenomena. 

    If you’re looking for a brand of telescopes that has an offering to suit virtually everyone then you’ve found it from Celestron.

    Choosing the right telescope

    If you’re still not sure exactly what type of telescope you need, or indeed if a telescope is the right optic for your needs, then we have plenty of free information to help you decide.

    If you’re wanting to enjoy views of the night sky then a telescope or astronomy binoculars are a great shout. You can check out our telescope buying guide for adults or kids, our guide for buying astronomy binoculars. You can also check out our product round up for the best binoculars for astronomy here.

    If you’re wanting an optic to enjoy views then it’s likely you’re trying to decide if a telescope, spotting scope or binoculars will be the best option. Our handy guide will help to make things clearer for you.

    If you still can’t decide what type of telescope you need and would like some advice then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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