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    15 products

    Discover the Best Monoculars at ScopeUout NZ

    Monoculars are ultra compact and portable, with most models slipping easily in a coat pocket. Thanks to this, they make fantastic optics for use on the move when you don’t want to be weighed down by heavy kit. Unlike binoculars that have two barrels, monoculars have a slim, one barrel design that means you can comfortably use them with one hand when you’re getting a closer view of something of interest.

    At ScopeUout we have a range of the best monoculars for sale online in New Zealand. Whether you’re looking for a compact monocular for use on the move, out and about in the bush or the countryside, or for sightseeing on your next overseas travelling adventure, we have a model to suit your needs. Monoculars are also a great way to get a magnified view of landscapes, sports games, golf courses and buildings which makes them great for hikers, birders, hunters, spectators, sightseers and also on places like building sites or inspections of pylons. The uses for a monocular are endless thanks to their versatility.

    We’re proud to be authorised retailers of a range of quality monocular brands here in NZ including Vortex, Vanguard, Carson, Konus, Bushnell and Tasco. Each of these brands has something different to offer in terms of price point, so there are options for varying budgets and requirements.

    Bushnell Monoculars

    Bushnell break the mould a little with their monocular offering, and opt for a standard sized 42mm objective lens. This lens size is usually reserved for binoculars, however Bushnell have decided to bridge the gap in monocular design by incorporating one in their Legend HD monocular. This allows for bright, clear and crisp views, similar to those offered by their high end HD binoculars, but just in a smaller, one barrel, monocular design.

    Carson Monoculars

    USA brand Carson offer a range of affordable sports optics aimed at budget friendly shoppers. Their range includes one of the most affordable waterproof monoculars on the market and also a very novel monocular which fits on your key ring.

    Konus Monoculars

    The Konus line of Konusmall monoculars include a compact 25mm objective lens model, plus two very versatile zoom models with larger 30mm or 40mm lenses. Konus monoculars are a great budget option that won’t set you back too much.

    Tasco Monoculars

    Our Tasco Essentials monocular is the most affordable compact monocular model in our line. It’s not waterproof, but if you’re looking for a handy monocular to slip in your pocket for general observations then it fits the bill.

    Vanguard Monoculars

    Vanguards mid sized Vesta monocular has a 32mm lens and comes with all of the bells and whistles including a smart phone adapter so you can take photos through the monocular with your phone. In addition, it’s waterproof and can be used with a tripod and bluetooth remote control.

    Vortex Monoculars

    Our range of Vortex monoculars are the most durable models in our line. Their Solo monoculars are all waterproof and come with either a 25mm or 36mm objective lens. One of the Solo 36mm options comes with a tactical ranging reticle so that you can accurately calculate the distance of far off objects with the monocular.

    The key thing to remember when buying optics is that you get what you pay for. So the more expensive monocular models will perform better than the cheaper ones. If you’re planning on using the monocular outdoors then be sure to check if it is waterproof so that it doesn’t get damaged by moisture. They all vary in weight so always check how heavy they are if being ultra light is important to you. Finally, in general, the monoculars with larger lenses will be more bulky but they will perform better in lower light conditions, so if you plan to use it at dawn and dusk this is something you should consider.

    If you’re not entirely sure what you should be looking for to choose the best monocular then we’d suggest taking a look at our monocular buying guide. If you’re still not sure then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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