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    Telescopes for Kids: A Selection for Young Astronomers in New Zealand

    If you have a budding young astronomer in your family who is obsessed with finding out more about the sky at night, then it’s likely you’re here looking for the best telescope for kids. Well, you’re in luck! Our range of kids telescopes has an option suitable for a range of ages from brands including Meade, Konus, Carson, Sky-Watcher and Celestron.

    The night sky is a wondrous expanse of things to explore, and for many children, their intrigue about the solar system starts at a young age. A telescope is a fantastic gift for children with an interest in astronomy, whether it be for Christmas or their birthday.

    At ScopeUout our range has a telescope for children that’s designed for younger users who are just getting started. Indeed, some of our telescopes are designed for young children and are a bit more of a toy. These are often a good introduction to the world of telescopes, especially if you don’t quite know how much it will get used and don’t want to blow your budget.

    If your children are slightly older, has shown a real interest in astronomy, and you're able to provide them with guidance and support with their observing, then our range of entry level adult telescopes are always a good option. Adult telescopes offer much better quality optics and construction and due to this they produce much better views than a toy option would. This means that all the family can use the telescope, your kids won’t grow out of it, and you’ll all get many years of enjoyment.

    Our range of first telescopes come in all shapes and sizes from refractors and reflectors through to dobsonian table top models. All options come with everything you need to get started from the telescope tube and mount, through to the tripod, eyepieces and more.

    Carson Telescopes

    Carson makes a few child friendly telescopes that are easy to use and also appeal to kids thanks to their bright colours. Their SkeleScope model is popular thanks to its bright design, large lens and ease of use. 

    Celestron Telescopes

    Celestron are one of the world leaders in telescope production, offering a telescope to suit just about every need and budget. They make a specific line of entry level telescopes that are designed for kids. The Celestron FirstScope has a nice large lens, a table top tripod and is designed for novice users. The PowerSeeker model is a great option for the whole family including kids. 

    Konus Telescopes

    Well known for their affordable optics, Konus make a couple of lines of telescopes that are a great budget option. Their KonuSpace telescopes are available in 50mm and 60mm options and are a popular entry level telescope for kids. 

    Meade Telescopes

    Meade telescopes are loved by adults and kids alike. Offering quality and value, the Meade Infinity line of refractor telescopes comes with apertures of 50mm, 60mm and 70mm objective lenses. 

    Sky-Watcher Telescopes

    Known for their high quality optics that are used by beginners and professional astronomers alike, Sky-Watcher designed their entry level Heritage line of dobsonian telescopes to provide a lower priced model for kids and beginner adults.  

    If this is the first time that you're buying a telescope for your kids and family then our handy buying guides will be your new best friend. You can read about telescope basics or kid specific telescopes. If your child is actually more interested in looking at wildlife and enjoying views then check out our handy guide for these activities as you many find that binoculars or a spotting scope will be a better option for your needs.

    If you really don’t know what you’re looking for then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best telescope for kids.

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