New Zealand Rifle Scope Accessories: Rings, Mounts, and Bases

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    77 products

    Find the Perfect Rifle Scope Rings, Mounts, and Bases at ScopeUout NZ

    So you’ve bought a scope and you have your rifle, but now you need to connect the two. Enter our line of top riflescope rings, mounts and bases.

    If you’re looking for rings for riflescope connection then we have a whole heap of different rings for you to choose from in a range of budgets.

    Our range of riflescope rings and mounts will ensure that your riflescope is securely connected to your rifle for your next hunting or target shooting session. Browse from our range of highly regarded ATN, Athlon, Nightforce, Valdada, Vortex, Leupold, Tier One, Talley, Sun Optics, Stealth, Gamo and Konus rings, bases, mounts and weapon accessories and contact us if you need any help matching the right rings to your rifle. 

    Let’s take a look at what each line of scope rings offers.


    ATNs quick detach riflescope mount is designed to securely and effectively mount your ATN X-Sight 4K, Mars 4 or Mars LT to your rifle.


    The Athlon Precision line of rings are made in the USA from high strength aircraft grade aluminium alloy. They’re available in a range of heights and tube sizes to fit weaver and Picatinny bases.


    Best known for their air rifles, Gamo also have a small line of air rifle scopes and rings to offer a secure connection. Gamo rings have a dovetail fitting to suit the standard air rifle dovetails ranging from 9.3mm to 13mm.


    Best known for the affordable scopes, Konus also offer steal Picatinny rings to secure your set up.


    Leupold offer one of our largest ranges of scope rings and bases. Their range is so large that we only have the most popular items listed on our website however we have access to their entire line. Leupold pride themselves on offering a ring mount system to securely connect scopes to virtually any rifle, so if you can’t find exceptional quality rings to suit your rifle from any other brand then it’s likely Leupold will solve your problems with their STD, DD, QR, Cross Slot, Backcountry and Ringmounts series.


    If you’ve got a top quality scope then you need top quality scope rings to securely mount it to your rifle. Well, you’ve found them in the Nightforce Ultralite range of 30mm and 34mm rifle scope rings. Available in either a 4 or 6 screw configuration to suit your needs.


    Stealth offer an affordable line of Picatinny, weaver and dovetail rings in aluminium or steal to suit your set up.

    Sun Optics

    Sun Optics are known for their steal and aluminium picatinny, weaver and dovetail scope ring options that don’t break the bank. They also have a wide range of special rifle adapters to convert a range of rifles with dovetails to have a picatinny rail.


    Talley are the go-to brand if you have a slightly obscure rifle that needs specially sized rings to suit a particular dovetail. Their quality ring mounts offer an incredibly secure connection between rifle and scope and are some of the strongest, lightest mounting systems on the market. The Talley line of rings and mounts is huge, so if we don’t have what you’re looking for then get in touch as it’s likely we can find it.


    Offering one of the only 40mm tube riflescopes on the market, Valdada rings are designed to fit the scope perfectly. High quality and ultra strong, yet lightweight, they’re available with either a 4 or 6 screw attachment.


    Vortex Precision Matched rings are manufactured in the USA to offer the highest levels of quality. They’re available in a range of different heights and tube sizes to suit Picatinny or weaver rails.

    Choosing the right riflescope rings

    It can be hard to know which rings and bases will be most suitable for your scope and rifle. Why not check out our buying guide for scope rings to get a clearer understanding. If you have quite an unusual rifle and can’t find any suitable rings in our range then we’ll be happy to help. Get in touch and provide us with the make and model of your rifle and scope and we’ll see if we’ve got something suitable.

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