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    Telescope Shopping in New Zealand: Find Your Perfect Telescope

    At ScopeUout we have a wide range of high quality and affordable telescopes from leading brands including Accura, Vixen, Celestron, Skywatcher, Meade, Carson, Konus and Tasco.

    With refractor, reflector and newtonian dobsonian models in all different price brackets, there’s a telescope for everyone with an astronomy hobby. Our range has telescopes suitable for children and beginner astronomers through to dedicated stargazers.

    We’ve got telescopes with a selection of lens sizes, with some more compact models having modest apertures of 50mm right through to our largest model which has a 250mm front lens. Most of our models come with the telescope optical tube, an AZ or EQ mount and a tripod. Some models will require you to purchase these parts separately.

    Let’s take a look at what each brand has to offer:

    Accura Telescopes

    This Australian brand of telescopes keeps things simple with two telescope models in their compact Traveler line of refractor telescopes. Focused on offering value for money, these telescopes come with everything you need to get started, have quality optics and are designed for astronomy on the move.

    Carson Telescopes

    Carsons line of telescopes are designed with kids and beginner astronomers in mind. Their Aim and Skelescope models are affordable and their small size makes them appealing to children.

    Celestron Telescopes

    One of the worlds leading telescope brands, Celestron are known for their quality optics. The Celestron range of telescopes has something for all budgets. With telescopes for those looking for entry level refractors, reflectors, or dobsonians, or the very best of the best in terms of optical quality and design, Celestron has something that will be sure to impress in their StarSense, PowerSeeker, FirstScope, AstroMaster and Ambassador ranges. Depending on the product line you opt for, Celestron models can guide you to planets and stars of interest, or have everything you need for digiscoping with your phone.

    Konus Telescopes

    Konus has a range of refractor and reflector telescopes that won’t break the bank. A great entry into the world of astronomy, their Konuspace models are great for kids. KonuStart models are an affordable model suitable for adults and kids alike and they come with everything you need to get started. If you want to opt for that little better quality then their Nova models tick all the boxes, especially the 114mm reflector model.

    Meade Telescopes

    Meade are a well respected and longstanding telescope manufacturer. Their Infinity line is loved by stargazers of all ages who want quality and reliability.

    Sky-Watcher Telescopes

    Our Skywatcher telescopes include models from their Heritage entry level line right through to their high quality, large aperture refractor models and their huge dobsonian models. Offering exceptional quality, their larger models are some of the best we have on offer in our range.

    Tasco Telescopes

    Tasco offer some great 60mm and 70mm refractor telescope models that are a brilliant step into the world of astronomy. In addition, a 114mm reflector model offers a huge lens at a low price. Both the Luminova and Spacestation lines are a great way to get started.

    Vixen Telescopes

    World leading Japanese brand, Vixen, know what they’re doing when it comes to manufacturing exceptional quality optical glass. Their Porta line of refractor and reflector telescopes is sure to impress.

    If this is the first time you're buying a telescope, then you may find our telescope buyer's guide and frequently asked questions about telescopes section helpful. In addition, our guide to kids telescopes is handy when buying a gift. Finally, if you want to enjoy views and you're not sure if a telescope is the right idea then check out this guide. If you need a hand choosing then just give us a shout.