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    36 products

    Buy Kowa binoculars and spotting scopes in New Zealand (NZ)

    With over 70 years experience making high quality sports optics, Japanese brand Kowa know what they’re doing when it comes to making the very best binoculars and spotting scopes.

    We’re proud to be authorised retailers of Kowa optics for New Zealand, bringing our Kiwi customers an awesome range of Kowa binoculars, spotting scopes and phone accessories at fantastic prices.

    Kowa Binoculars

    Whether you’re looking for binoculars for bird watching, hunting, hiking, travel, nature watching or indeed any outdoor activity, Kowa have a binocular to suit your needs and budget.

    Kowa YF II Binoculars

    These mid sized binoculars are a great entry level option for beginner users who want mid sized optics that are well designed, waterproof and produce bright clear images but don’t cost the earth. Due to their size and magnification options the YF’s are also a great option for kids.

    Kowa SV II Binoculars

    The next step up in terms of quality, Kowa SV binoculars come in a range of lens sizes from compact through to full sized, and in a range of magnifications. Packed with top end features such as Japanese made glass, Kowa Repelling (KR) lens coatings and 100% waterproofing, the SV Series of binoculars provide the perfect balance between optimal performance and lightweight construction, alongside aesthetic beauty. SV models are a great option for budget conscious users who want Kowa quality but don’t want to spend the earth.

    Kowa BD II Binoculars

    If you want to take a step up in optical quality then it’s time to look at the Kowa BD II Binoculars. As with their other ranges Kowa include a 25mm, 32mm, 42mm and 56mm option to suit different viewing situations. These awesome, high end binoculars are made with extra low dispersion Japanese glass, fully multicoated lenses and a rugged design, making them your new best friend.

    Kowa Genesis Prominar Binoculars

    Part of Kowa’s flagship line of optics and incorporating Prominar XD lenses, Genesis binoculars from Kowa attain the highest pinnacle of binocular performance and significantly reduce chromatic aberration. Available in 44mm or 33mm lenses by special order only.

    Kowa Spotting Scopes

    Kowa make exceptional spotting scopes and then line of scopes comprises some of the highest end models on the market in NZ. With an entry level, mid priced and ultra high end model, they have a spotter to suit the needs of budget friendly hunters, birders and nature watchers, and also models that are so high end that they’ll tick all the boxes for even the most demanding requirements. If you’re looking for a kowa spotting scope for sale, then we have many options for you to choose from!

    Kowa TSN-500 Series spotting scopes

    Boast an unprecedented lightweight design, Kowa’s 50mm spotting scope is built with Kowa’s standard level of glass. Its key selling point is that it’s ultra portable making it ideal for out in the field when hunting or hiking.

    Kowa TSN-600 Series spotting scopes

    Classed as one of Kowa’s entry level lines of spotting scopes, there’s an angled or straight 60mm option to suit your preference. Despite being at the lower end of Kowa’s price range, the quality of these scopes it still impressive and loved by users across New Zealand.

    Kowa TSN-82SV Series spotting scopes

    Available exclusively in an angled design, the large, 82mm lens has fantastic light gathering power and a bright field of view. Our most popular Kowa spotting scope for birders, hunters and target shooters who want a scope from this awesome Japanese brand, but don't have the budget for a scope from Kowa's higher end series.

    Kowa Prominar TSN-550 Series spotting scopes

    Designed to offer the same exceptional quality glass as Kowa’s highest end scopes, this ultra compact spotting scope packs heaps of features into a tiny body. At less than 900g, this tiny scope is easy to hold in the palm of your hands and is the perfect companion of hunters and birders short on space. 

    Kowa Prominar TSN-660 Series spotting scopes

    That next step up in terms of quality and lens size from the TSN-600 range, these awesome 66mm scopes offer exceptional performance thanks to their XD, extra low dispersion glass. Not everyone can afford the gold class features offered by the 880 range, but scopes in the 660 range are much more attainable for many birders and hunters.

    Kowa Prominar TSN-770 Series spotting scopes

    The Kowa 770 range scopes are built with XD lenses to offer outstanding optical performance. The large 77mm lens continually impresses experienced users and beginners alike. 

    Kowa Prominar TSN-880 Series spotting scopes

    Kowa's Prominar TSN-880 spotting scope models are built with pure fluorite crystal to achieve optical characteristics unattainable with glass. They represent the gold standard of scopes for the most serious of users and are packed with high end features to boost performance and make for easy and comfortable viewing.

    Kowa Prominar TSN-99A spotting scope

    The largest of all Kowa spotting scopes and by far the highest quality, this mega 99mm spotting scope is constructed with a fluorite crystal lens that many birders or nature watchers can only dream of. This exceptional spotting scope is packed with features that make it optically incredibly, as well as ergonomically impressive. 

    Kowa Phone Adapters

    Kowa makes a range of digiscoping phone adapters that easily attach to their spotting scopes and binoculars so you can take stunning photos.

    Choosing the right spotting scope and binoculars

    When it comes to choosing optical equipment it can be a daunting task for beginners and experts alike as we have heaps of binoculars and spotting scope for sale in our large line. Our handy buying guides for binoculars and spotting scopes are a great place to get started in choosing the right scope for your needs.

    If you know that you want to opt for a Kowa product but you're not quite sure which Kowa spotting scope will best suit you and your budget, then check out our blog about Kowa spotting scopes to learn more about what the different options have to offer. 

    If you're still not sure which Kowa products will best suit you then get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 

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