Camping and Hiking Back Packs

10 products

    10 products

    Buy backpacks and bags for hiking and the outdoors in New Zealand (NZ)

    Our range of bags and backpacks are designed for adventures in the great Kiwi outdoors! When it comes to hiking and exploring the great outdoors, having the right gear is essential. Our Markhor and Ridgeline packs and rucksacks offer quality designs that are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor activities.

    Our collection includes hiking backpacks that are perfect for day hikes, weekend camping trips, and multi-day backpacking excursions. We've selected bags that are lightweight, durable, and feature ergonomic designs that are tailored to meet the needs of hikers and adventurers.

    Our bags are made from high-quality materials that are water-resistant and feature specialised compartments for storing gear, food, and other essentials.

    Whether you're a seasoned hiker or you're just getting started, we're confident that you'll find the perfect bag or backpack to suit your needs, all at a great price.

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