Buffalo River Hunting Gear

13 products

    13 products

    Buy Buffalo River Hunting Gear including hides, shooting sticks and gun bags in New Zealand (NZ)

    Our range of Buffalo River hunting equipment is designed to make the life of any hunter or shooter that little bit easier.

    Buffalo River Gun Bags

    A range of affordable yet great quality gun bags are available from Buffalo River, making it easier than ever to transport your rifle safely when you're on the move. In addition, their rifle sling will securely connect your rifle to your shoulder when you're in the bush.

    Buffalo River Hunting Hides and Mai Mais

    A range of lightweight and durable hunting hides and Mai Mais are available to help keep you disguised when you're looking out for prey. Great for duck hunting, these awesome hides are covered in realistic camouflage to keep you concealed.

    Buffalo River Shooting Mats

    If you'll be in the prone shooting position for a long time then a Buffalo River shooting mat will help save your knees and provide the added comfort you need.

    Buffalo River Shooting Sticks and Bipods

    Want a stable position to take aim from? Opt for a Buffalo River shooting stick or bipod to provide a stable platform to rest your rifle atop.

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