Outdoor Safety Information

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How to stay safe when you're bird watching and hunting

We’ve compiled some useful information from various sources here in New Zealand to help you prepare for the great outdoors! Whether you’re bird watching in the bush or hunting in the summer or winter alike, familiarise yourself with this useful information and ensure that you stay safe and warm and return to civilisation in the same health that you left in. Remember: failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

We’ve got guides to remind you about general hunting and firearm safety, information to help you prepare for your hunt, including comprehensive lists of what to take hunting with you, and more location and weather specific guides such as information to help you look out for avalanches, detect and cope with hypothermia and much more.

You can download many of the fantastic guides produced by Mountain Safety.org.nz below, or visit them directly for more information. Whether your out in the bush bird watching, hunting or just hiking, your safety is the most important thing, so always make sure that you’re as prepared as possible.

Free guides to help you get prepared:

Going Outdoors?

Planning a bird watching or hiking trip? This pamphlet shows you what you will need and what action to take when going into the bush.

Going Hunting?

This pamphlet includes information about firearms safety in the outdoors. Topics covered include how to prepare for a hunt, emergency preparedness, the seven basic rules of firearms safety, ethics and the HUNTS programme.

Firearms Safety

Find out how to stay safe when using your firearm.

Arms Code
Covers a wide range of issues from choosing a suitable firearm, ammunition, licensing, safe storage, mechanical fitness of firearms and much more. Issued by NZ Police.

Plan to Survive

What you need to know to reduce the risk of things going wrong.

Outdoor Communications

Information on Mountain Radio Service, personal locator beacons, satellite phones and cell phones. Includes advantages/disadvantages, and instructions on how to use each device.


This pamphlet describes what hypothermia is, its causes, effects and how to deal with it. 

Avalanche Safety
Vital information on avalanche conditions, terrain, human factors, safe travel techniques and general avalanche safety. Includes a detailed image of avalanche triggers.