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    Buy hunting, bird watching and travel binoculars in New Zealand (NZ)

    A wide range of binoculars for hunting, wildlife and bird observations, astronomy, spectating, travel, marine and more are available to buy online in New Zealand from ScopeUout. 

    We're thrilled to offer you quality binoculars for sale at low prices from world renowned brands including Athlon, Bushnell, Canon, Carson, Delta, Kite, Konus, Kowa, Nikon, Olympus, Oz-Mate, Pentax, Ridgeline, Olympus, Simmons, Tasco, Vanguard, Vixen, Vortex and Zeiss.

    Let’s take a look what each of our binoculars brands have on offer in NZ.

    Athlon Binoculars

    The Athlon brand of binoculars was little known in New Zealand until recently, but now it represents high quality and value. The Athlon line includes their entry level Neos G2 HD binoculars and mid level Argos G2 HD binoculars; both of which include high definition lenses and come in the standard sizes ideal for hunting, birding and general observations. Moving up in price and quality is the Midas G2 UHD line, and then finally the Cronus UHD models which are their top of the line models and are packed with high end features.

    Bushnell Binoculars

    Bushnell carefully tailor their binocular lines to suit specific budgets. Their entry level Powerview and Spectator sport lines are great for budget conscious users who want to be able to choose from a line of compact, midsized, full sized and giant binoculars. Next up is the Bushnell Prime line of binoculars which offers a durable waterproof design in a range of sizes for tramping, birding, hunting and more. Bushnells H2O 2 line of binoculars have a 7x50 model ideal for marine use, and also a range of waterproof compact and full sized models ideal for damp environments. A step up in quality and you have the Engage X and DX models. At the top of the Bushnell line proudly sit the Engage models that offer extra low dispersion (ED) glass. If you’re a hunter who needs range finding capabilities too, then the Fusion X laser rangefinder binoculars will kill two birds with one stone.

    Canon Binoculars

    Canon binoculars are well known for their quality lenses and also their inbuilt image stabilisation technology which is available in all of the binoculars on offer from Canon at ScopeUout. This awesome technology means that Canon offer some higher end magnification options in their binoculars without the need for a tripod.

    Carson Binoculars

    Our line of binoculars from USA brand Carson are great for kids. Carson have some very popular models especially designed for children including the Hawke and AdventurePak. Their compact Tracker and TrailMaxx binocular models can be used by adults and kids alike for travel, hiking and more.

    Delta Binoculars

    South African brand Delta have a couple of entry level binoculars available in standard hunting configurations in their Forest II line of binoculars. In addition, they are most well known for their awesome Titanium laser rangefinder binoculars that combine maximum functionality, innovation and style.

    Kite Binoculars

    European brand of sports optics, Kite, manufacturers many of their binoculars in Japan and then completes final quality control checks in Belgium. Due to this, even their mid level Toucan and Petrel binoculars offer exceptional Japanese construction. Kite Lynx HD binoculars were winners in the well known Best Binocular Reviews awards in 2020 thanks to their ultra light construction, quality optics and overall incredible design. Also in the higher end of Kites range are the Ibis ED and Bonelli 2 HD binoculars which are ideal for hunters and nature enthusiasts who want nothing but the best.

    Konus Binoculars

    Konus is a well known budget brand of optics from Italy. Non waterproof models include the Sporty, Vue, Giant and Newzoom lines which offer a good low cost binocular model for a range of activities including travel, spectating and astronomy. A step up in quality and durability and you have the Patrol, Supreme, Woodland and Abyss lines which are all waterproof and more durable.

    Kowa Binoculars

    Japanese brand Kowa have been making optics for decades, and they do it very well. Their entry level YF binoculars are ideal mid sized binoculars for beginner glassers and kids. Next up in budget are their SV II binoculars, and top of the line are their BD and Genesis lines. Kowas line up includes compact 25mm, mid sized 30mm and 33mm, full sized 42mm and giant 56mm objective lenses.

    Nikon Binoculars

    Nikon have a model of binoculars to suit most users needs and budgets. With compact, mid, full sized and giant options, either with or without a waterproof finish, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Their entry level Aculon and Travelite lines are a great option if you’re not too bothered about waterproofing and would prefer to spend a little less. At a mid price point are the waterproof Action EX models which can be relied upon more when out and about in any weather. Stepping up in quality are the Prostaff 5 binoculars, then if you want extra low dispersion (ED) glass it’s time to move on to the Monarch M5 ED, M7 ED or HG ED models.

    Olympus Binoculars

    Our range of Olympus binoculars are available in a range of waterproof and non waterproof designs that are a great entry in to the world of binoculars without breaking the bank. Their RC II and WP models include compact 21mm and 25mm objective lenses and come in a range of colours. They’re popular with hikers and kids. Olympus offer a line of full sized Porro prism options at a great low price, including a zoom magnification option. Top of the line from Olympus are their Pro binocular models which offer high end glass and waterproofing at a great price point.

    Oz-Mate Binoculars

    Australian brand OZ-Mate offer a range of affordable binoculars in standard lenses and ED lenses.

    Pentax Binoculars

    Pentax are best known for their porro prism design binoculars in their U, UP Series and S, SP Series of binoculars. A couple of roof prism options are available in their A, AD Series and S, SD lines. Porro prism binoculars are generally easier to make than roof prism so Pentax have a lot of very well priced models in their line that are great if you’re just getting started and want to opt for a trusted brand.

    Ridgeline Binoculars

    Our only New Zealand designed binoculars, these awesome hunting binoculars are made for the great Kiwi outdoors. 

    Simmons Binoculars

    Simmons offer a line of budget binoculars in their Venture line. Their compact, full sized and larger, 50mm binoculars are all priced with budget conscious users in mind.

    Tasco Binoculars

    Tasco are known for their range of extremely well priced binoculars. From their non-waterproof Essentials line that are a great step into the optical world when you’re just getting started, to their Focus Free line that are ideal for spectating, Tasco know how to make a binocular that will suit occasional users and beginners. 

    Vanguard Binoculars

    Three lines of binoculars from Vanguard are available in NZ from ScopeUout. Vanguards entry level Vesta line offer the key features you need for enjoyable viewing (good optics, durable body, waterproof design) without any of the expensive additions that raise the price and make them unattainable for some users. If you’ve got that little more to spend then why not upgrade to the Spirit XF binocular models. Next up in quality are the well loved Endeavor ED II binoculars in mid and full sized options. If you want the very best quality option from the brand then don’t look past the newest member of the Vanguard family, the Endeavour ED IV models which offer the very best in terms of quality.

    Vixen Binoculars

    In the world of optics, the Vixen line of binoculars stands out amongst the crowd, as even their lowest priced binocular models are made in the optical metropolis of Japan. This means that their compact and mid sized Apex binoculars offer bright, clear images and their price is attainable for a wide audience of users. The Vixen Artes J Series of full sized binoculars offer extra low dispersion glass that’s ideal for more demanding users.

    Vortex Binoculars

    Vortex are known for offering high quality optics at great low prices, and also for their exceptional warranty. Their line has something for everyone, with the ever popular entry level Crossfire HD’s providing a spring board in to the range of full sized binoculars for budget conscious users. If you’re after compact or mid sized binoculars then the Vanquish and Raptor lines are a great introduction too. Step up in quality with the Diamondback HD line, then on to the incredible optics of the Viper HD, Razor HD, Kaibab HD and final Razor UHD models. Vortex Fury rangefinder binoculars offer exceptional optics with an inbuilt rangefinder too!

    Zeiss Binoculars

    Known for their high end quality, Zeiss don’t disappoint in their binocular line. Providing a stepping stone in to their line, the Terra models of binoculars are available in compact, mid and full sized lenses and all come with ED glass. Next up, the Victory Pocket models are designed for travellers and hikers who only want the best in compact binoculars. Zeiss Conquest HD are where it’s at if you want HD lenses and exceptional design for your next birding or hunting adventure. The Victory SF T* models are the option for you if you won’t settle for anything but the best in terms of optical quality, durability and more.

    With binoculars for almost any activity and budget you're sure to find the perfect binos for you in our line of compact binoculars, mid sized binoculars, full sized and giant binoculars.

    If this is the first time you're buying some binoculars and you're not sure where to start, why not check out our buying guides and have a read of our FAQ's.  We’re always happy to help with product information and buying advice if you get in touch.

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