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    257 products

    Buy rifle scopes online in New Zealand (NZ)

    At ScopeUout we have a range of quality riflescopes for sale. 

    We're proud to represent a wide range of gun scope brands that offer a variety of rifle scope options for different budgets. 

    Our large range of scopes includes riflescope models from Athlon, ATN, Accura, Crimson Trace, Vortex, Nightforce, Nikon, Valdada, Vanguard, Vixen, Nikko Stirling, Bushnell, Tasco, Gamo, BSA, Sun Optics USA, Delta Optical, Kite, Konus, Sightron, Simmons, Stealth, Discovery and Zeiss.

    Accura Riflescopes

    Relatively new on the optical scene, Accura are an Australian based brand owned by longstanding optical retailer CR Kennedy. The line of Accura scopes may be small, however they certainly achieve their goal of providing an affordable riflescope for hunters and target shooters alike. The Accura Stalker range offers a great short to mid range option, the Tracker offers a mid to long range option. The Reacher and Varminator models offer long range rifle scope options for long range hunting shots or target shooting at the range.

    Athlon Riflescopes

    We’re proud to represent Athlon who are an American based optical brand. Their line of riflescopes starts with affordable scopes in Neos and Talos lines, to the Argos models and then to their very best Helos, Ares, Midas and Cronus lines. Athlon have a scope model to suit all requirements from short, standard and long range hunting shots to long range competition target shooting.

    BSA Air Riflescopes

    Ideal for hunters on a strict budget, our range of BSA Essential scopes include a fixed magnification option and a trusty 3-9x option. Designed for use on air rifles, these models are an ideal pairing for BSA guns.

    Bushnell Riflescopes

    One of our most popular lines, and for good reason, Bushnell are a trusted and well respected optical brand who have a range of riflescopes to suit pretty much everyone. Our range includes models from their Banner, Prime, Trophy, Engage, Elite lines.

    Crimson Trace Riflescopes

    Whether you’re a hunter or target shooter, Crimson Trace have a line of scopes to suit your needs. Their Hardline and Hardline Pro scopes are ideal for hunters, and their Brushline scopes designed for longer range hunting.

    Delta Riflescopes

    Born in Poland and used by world leading competitive shooters, Delta riflescopes are known for their quality and precision. Designed and manufactured with serious hunters and target shooters in mind, the line includes one scope for close quarter shots and works right through to ultra long range models in the Titanium, Javelin and Stryker lines that reach right out to 50x magnification.

    Discovery Riflescopes

    Discovery offer a couple of budget friendly scopes in their VT-Z line for short to mid range shooting.

    Gamo Air Rifle Scopes

    Known for their air guns, Game have a range of scopes that are designed to atop compressed air rifles. Game scopes are all incredibly affordable and are a great option for day to day plinking with your air rifle. Available in a fixed 4-32x magnification or the timeless classic of 3-9x40.

    Kite Riflescopes

    Made in the optical hothouse of Japan, our Kite riflescopes are designed for the most discerning shooter who wants quality optics that perform over and over again. Available in a range of configurations through Kites HD2 and K6 lines, Kite scopes come with 30mm tubes and illuminated and non illuminated reticles.

    Konus Riflescopes

    Italian brand Konus have a range of riflescopes for close to long range use. Their KonusPro scope line is popular with novice hunters and shooters who want a decent scope but don’t want to spend the earth. From their standard line right through to their T30, M30 and F30 lines, Konus scopes are packed with features such as second or first focal plane reticles, adjustable objectives and quality glass.

    Nightforce Riflescopes

    The big daddy in the scope world, Nightforce offer some of the highest quality long range scopes on the market. In addition they also have a range of low power scopes for short range shots. Choose from their SHV, NXS, ATACR or NX8 lines and get the very best quality scope there is.

    Nikko Stirling Riflescopes

    If you’re looking for a budget scope with an adjustable objective then Nikko have a number of options in their Mountmaster and Air King lines, with the later being suitable for air riflescopes too. If you want to step up in terms of quality then the brand also has the Panamax Precision, Panamax Long Range and Diamond and Diamond Long Range lines, along with Octa and Ultimax.

    Sightron Riflescopes

    We have a small range of Sightron scopes. These are mainly available by special order only.

    Simmons Riflescopes

    Designed with the budget conscious hunter in mind, the Simmons 8-Point line of riflescopes offers simple duplex reticles for general hunting applications.

    Stealth Riflescopes

    Stealth is a New Zealand owned brand that mainly focuses on riflescope rings. Their simple 4x fixed power scope is extremely well priced.

    Sun Optics Riflescopes

    Known for their affordable scope rings and bases, Sun Optics also offer a couple of riflescopes for short to mid range hunting on a budget.

    Tasco Riflescopes

    Coming in under the $300 mark, the Tasco World class line of gun scopes are great for standard and slightly longer hunting shots.

    Valdada Riflescopes

    The Valdada Recon G2 rifle scope features a 40mm main tube which is virtually unheard of in the world of scopes. Offering only the best in terms of glass and construction, this epic scope is designed for long distance shooters who need incredible amounts of internal adjustment.

    Vixen Riflescopes

    Our Vixen VI, VII, and VIII scopes feature bright clear optics, and unlike many other brands of scopes, even the most affordable scope in Vixen’s line is made in Japan. Offering great little scopes for any rifle, along with higher magnification options for longer range shooting applications.

    Vortex Riflescopes

    Vortex offer a huge line of scope options for virtually any budget and application. Starting with the Crossfire and Diamondback lines, through to the Diamondback Tactical, Venom, Viper PST, HS, HST, Golden Eagle and Razor HD lines, Vortex offer great quality to suit each price point. One key selling point for the brand is their no questions asked warranty which also covers accidental damage.

    Zeiss Riflescopes

    Our Zeiss scopes have the German seal of approval. In their Conquest V4 and V6 lines, Zeiss offer an incredible range of configurations of different reticles and exposed or capped turrets depending on your preference and application, whether that’s hunting or target shooting.

    Information to help you choose the right riflescope 

    At ScopeUout we have a huge range of rifle scopes for sale from a wide array well known and respected optical brands. Now you’ve had a chance to consider our various scope options that are for sale, it’s time to delve into the specifications for each scope to see what will suit you best. If you’re not sure which scope will suit you best then why not check out some of our handy buying guides and product round ups. We’ve got one for almost every application:

    Still not sure? Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help!

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