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    13 products

    Discover the Best Microscopes at ScopeUout NZ

    Our range of biological, pocket and digital microscopes are has something ideal for everyone in the family. There’s a model for kids, hobbyists, schools, homeschooling and also for some professional uses such as manufacturing.

    We’ve got compact pocket models and larger, table top microscopes from well known brands Carson and Konus. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

    Carson Microscopes

    US based brand Carson offer an incredibly wide range of sports optics, microscopes and magnifiers to bring the world around you closer than ever before. They have a wide range of entry level pocket microscopes for kids and also adults, some of which are manual and others digital. Magnification ranges span from 20x right through to 457x, meaning that you can choose a model that lets you get views as close as you need them. Some of Carsons digital models connect directly to your computer so you can enlarge the view on your big screen and also capture images of what you see. By far one of Carsons most popular microscope models is their table top biological model which is used across New Zealand by a range of primary, intermediate and high schools and also in home schooling environments. It has a sturdy, reliable construction and produces bright, clear images from 40-400x making it ideal for learning based situations.

    Konus Microscopes

    Konus offer a couple of different microscope models aimed at school ages kids with an interest in science. Their Konuscience and Konustudy models come with everything you need to get started in the world of microscopy. The Konus Digiscience microscope offers a much higher level of quality and has a unique dual use in that it can be used a biological microscope for examining prepared slides, or as a stereoscopic microscope to view small objects. This model is great for educational settings, lab research and also work place use.

    Choosing a microscope

    Not sure which microscope will be best for your needs? Check out our buyer's guide for microscopes to broaden your understanding. Feel free to contact us if you need a hand.

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