Riflescope buyer's guide for varmint control

Man using scope on rifle

Controlling vermin in New Zealand is an ongoing task for landowners and the Government alike. Pests such as magpies, possums, rabbits, rats and hares can cause ongoing damage to farm land and livestock, so it’s no wonder that farmers often spend many an evening, rifle in hand, controlling varmint. 

In order to ensure that pest control attempts are successful you need the right equipment for the job. Although any rifle can theoretically be used to limit pest numbers, typically, .20, .22, and .23 caliber centre fire rifles are the most popular and appropriate tool for the job. In addition to your rifle, you’ll also need an accurate rifle scope to ensure that you can easily see your targets, and most importantly hit them first time. 

If you’re thinking of buying a new scope for pest control in New Zealand but you’re not sure what will do the best job, then our handy buyer’s guide will give you some simple pointers to help you choose the best optic for your rifle.

How to choose the best scope for varmint hunting


When it comes to varmint/pest control, it’s pretty much a given that your target will be small and at a long distance. With this in mind, a high magnification, zoom riflescope will give you the best chance of eliminating your target pest. We often recommend scopes with a 4-16x zoom as a good option for pest control, and we have a good range of options at differing price points. 

Objective lens diameter

As you’re likely to be shooting in low light at dawn or dusk, a 40mm lens will gather the light you need for a clear image without being too bulky. 

We’d recommend: