Well loved Bushnell lines making a comeback

If you’re looking for a new riflescope for hunting adventures in New Zealand, then world renowned optics brand, Bushnell have just the right hunting scope for you.

Way back in 2018, Bushnell gave their line of sports optics for outdoor pursuits a complete over haul. The release of their Prime, Nitro and Forge lines saw the death of some of the older, well loved lines of hunting and target shooting rifle scopes, and; much to the disappointment of hunting enthusiasts across NZ, the likes of the Banner, Trophy, Legend and Elite lines were retired.

But, we’re very pleased to say that 2020, 2021 and 2022 have been the comeback years for these much loved scopes.

In 2020, Bushnell launched their brand new line of Banner 2 riflescopes, in 2021, the redesigned Legend scopes launched on to the world stage, and we’ve recently seen the arrival of the brand new Elite 4500 4X hunting scopes.

This mid priced range of riflescopes offer a great opportunity for hunters with a variety of hunting requirements to get their hands on a scope that’s of a great quality, is packed with new features and comes with an affordable price tag.

For hunters who are used to close quarter shooting in dense bush, there’s the 1-4x24 compact scope that’s ideal for close up hunting. For hunters who may take some relatively close up, and some more long distance shots at deer and such like at dawn or dusk, there’s a trusty 4-16x50 riflescope. The line is completed with a scope that features an incredibly popular 2.5-10x40 configuration for general hunting applications.

Redesigning the scope from the ground up has allowed Bushnell to include a raft of improved features that are all designed to improve your shooting and hunting accuracy, make the scope more durable and comfortable to use.

We’ll leave it down to you to check out all of the product specifications in more detail on the product pages themselves, but at a glance, the key features of this quality riflescope line are:

Bushnell Elite 4500 4X Riflescope Features:

  • Extended eye relief
  • Shockproof even with big magnum recoil
  • Ultra wide band coatings for exceptional light gathering ability even in low light
  • Waterproof up to 1m deep for 30 minutes
  • EXO barrier repels water from lenses
  • Capped turrets
  • Fast-focus eyepiece for quick and easy adjustment
  • Multi-X reticle is easy to use
  • Some models have a side focus parallax adjustment

If you were previously a lover of Bushnell’s Elite 4500 range, then you’ll love the new and improved version. If you’re simply in the market for a new riflescope for hunting right hear an Aotearoa, then let us introduce you to your new best friend; the Bushnell Elite 4500 4X riflescope.

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FAQ's about Bushnell Scopes

What are the popular Bushnell lines that are making a comeback?

Bushnell have redesigned a number of their riflescope lines including the Trophy, Elite and Banner and Legend lines. In addition they’ve redesigned the H2O and Powerview lines of binoculars too.

How do the new models compare to previous versions of the same product lines?

Bushnell have redesigned all of their new models from the ground up, improving their design, materials and more. Most of the models will have improvements such as being lighter, being more durable and having a wider field of view.

What are the key features of the new Bushnell models?

The features of Bushnell scopes vary depending on the line they are from, but some of the key features that you can find include Ultra wide band coatings, extended eye relief, a waterproof design and fast focus eye pieces.

Are the new Bushnell models compatible with previous accessories?

All Bushnell models come with most of the accessories you’ll need for them. If you want to add any additional accessories to them such as stay on lens covers, then Butler Creek have suitable options that will work with the old and new models.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available for the new Bushnell models?

We always try to keep our pricing as completive as possible. We sometimes have special offers on our range of Bushnell scopes so keep your eyes peeled or sign up for our newsletter (in the footer of our website) to keep up to date.


  • ScopeUout

    Hi Gerrard, thanks for your comment. The Elite 4500 scopes are made in Korea. There are some new Elite Tac scopes that will be available soon that are made in Japan. Please feel free to call or email if you want to know more. Thanks, Jodi


    Hi there
    Do you know if the new Elites scopes are made in Japan just like the old ones? Or made in China?

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