Vortex Diamondback HD Binoculars available now!

If you have been a member of the ScopeUout community for a while you may remember the Vortex Diamondback; an amazing binocular model with functionality and form that made them perfect for a wide variety of situations. However, this model has been sadly discontinued which for a time left a focal lens shape hole in our heart. This lasted for all of 5 minutes however as Vortex quickly announced it was replacing it with a HD version, making us happy again!

The Diamond Back already had an amazing set of features, like all Vortex products do. Available in a range of specifications and offering beautiful low light life detection, a massive FOV (the largest in its class to be precise), with enhanced fully multi-coated optics, phase-corrected prisms, waterproof and fog proof construction, soft tapered eyecups, and rugged rubber armour. It truly had everything one could hope for.

We asked ourselves the same question that you are asking yourself now, what improvements could be made to this product without spiking the price? Well, we don’t know how it’s possible, but depending on the size, you can afford this hard-wearing piece of engineering for under $300. With everything the Diamondback had to offer this would be a steal on its own, but with the added high definition glass elements that deliver exceptional resolution, reduce chromatic aberration and provide outstanding colour fidelity, sharpness and light transmission, that give it its HD qualities, you’d be ridiculous to not have at least one pair in your collection.

Everyone needs a sturdy set of binoculars, this is clear to even manufacturers. But what helps the Diamondback stand out is Vortex’s constant push for elegance and excellence. Not only is this product designed to be ergonomic and compact but it comes with a plethora of additional parts, such as cleaning cloths and rain guard eye pieces to maintain, protect and clean your lenses alongside premium carry cases and deluxe comfort neck straps. No need to buy second hand and second-rate third-party straps when Vortex gives you all you could ever want on a realistic budget whether you’re a casual sightseer or a hunter whose livelihood depends on a good product. Vortex has you on their mind and so do we.

Shop Vortex Diamondback HD Binoculars today!

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