Top tips for maximising your Bird watching experience

So, you are looking to get into Bird Watching? If you have made the big step of investing in your first pair of bird watching binoculars, then well done! You’ve made the jump into an exciting world of nature and wildlife which will be incredibly rewarding. If you haven’t got any binoculars for birding yet, then no need to worry! We've got a huge range of bird watching binoculars in a range of price tags to suit your needs. 

So, you have your fresh pair of binoculars in your hand and you are wondering what to do next? Here are some key tips on how to get the most out of your birdwatching experience.

Move slowly and avoid wearing too bright clothing

Birds at the best of times can be quite timid creatures and are incredibly sensitive to movement. To combat this, once you have found a perfect vantage point, limit your movement, only moving when necessary and when you do, move slowly. Most birds also have colour vision, making them sensitive to bright lights and colours. Try and wear natural earth tones when you are out.

Avoid Hot Weather and Windy Days

The hot and sunny days may seem like the best day to try out your new pair of full-size binoculars to view wildlife, but in contrast these can actually be some of the worst days to go and see your favourite birds. Like many other animals, birds can be less active on hot days so you may not get the imagery you hope to achieve. To get around this, we would recommend going near a water source where you are more likely to see greater activity.

Likewise, windy days are also days to avoid. The reason for this is that the wind can quite often muffle the various bird calls you would usually hear, while also birds can be less easy to spot in the wind due to a decrease in general activity as well as moving foliage obstructing your view of them.

Don’t overthink where to go

Birds are all around us, as soon as you know that, you can grab your binoculars and watch them from everywhere! If you take the time to listen and watch the birds in public areas and in your own back yard you will soon realise the multitude of birdlife all over your local area.

Have a read of Guidebooks, apps and websites

Owning a flash new pair of bird binoculars does not make you a bird expert straight away. The more you do the better you become at it.

We would recommend reading up on birds and things you see when you are out so you can have a better idea of what you are looking for. Some good book examples include Collins: Birds of New Zealand and Which New Zealand Bird? Yet you should read around and find what suits you.

As well as books, bird identification apps are becoming more prevalent and may be a useful additional aid for you.

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