Sun Optics Rings and Mounts

Since 2015 we've been a proud retailer of the affordable yet quality line of Sun optics rings. Let's take a look at what they have to offer. 

Sun optics rings

Offering a range of aluminium and steel rings for various rifle set ups, Sun Optics rings and mounts can be relied upon when you most them. 

Picatinny and weaver rings

One of the most common riflescope set ups is that of the picatinny or weaver rail configurations. Sun Optics have a range of aluminium and steel rings to fit these rails. They also have an option of black or silver in many of their rings. 

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11mm or 3/8th Dovetail rings

Sun Optics have a range of dovetail rings to suit the most common 3/8th inch dovetail or 11mm dovetail mounting set ups. If your rifle has one of these standard connections then there'll be an aluminium or steel ring option for your 1 inch or 30mm scope in a range of heights. 

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Sun Optics Riflescope Rails

Sun Optics makes a small line of rifle-specific standard or 20 MOA rails that are easy to screw on to your rifle and allow you to add a picatinny rail to your weapon. They also make a small line of converter rails that convert your simple dovetail rifle set up to a weaver/picatinny rail. Choosing to covert a dovetail to picatinny mount can give you a longer platform to mount your rings on so that you can position them in a more comfortable location on your rifle. 

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Why choose Sun Optics 

Sun Optics rings and mounts have been popular with shooters in New Zealand for quite some time as they’re affordable but also well made, durable and long lasting. A great option if you're looking for some simple weaver/picatiny or 11mm or 3/8 dovetail rings. 

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FAQ's about Sun Optics

What is Sun Optics USA and why did they join ScopeUout?

Sun Optics is an awesome optical and gun hardware brand from the USA. We were stoked to have the brand work with us to retail their scopes and rifle and air rifle rings and mounts on our online store.

What products does Sun Optics USA offer through ScopeUout?

At ScopeUout we retail Sun Optics entire range of rifle scope rings, mounts, adapters and more. We haven’t got all of their products listed on our site as the range is so huge, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for then be sure to get in touch and we’ll ask our suppliers whether that item is available in NZ or would need ordering in for you.

What are the benefits of choosing Sun Optics USA products through ScopeUout?

Sun optics mounts, rings, scopes, bipods and adapters offer quality at a great affordable price so that you don’t have to spend the earth to mount your scope on your rifle.

How does Sun Optics USA's technology and innovation differ from other brands?

Sun optics offer a great balance between quality and value. They have aluminium rings that are great for budget conscious buyers and steel rings for those who want a more sturdy option.

What are customers saying about Sun Optics USA's products?

Sun Optics are a well loved favourite across NZ with customers frequently commenting what an ‘Excellent product’ they have received and how it’s a ‘Good product at fantastic price’. Overall, our Sun Optics customers love the range offered by Sun Optics and think that their products are great for purpose.

What kind of support and customer service does Sun Optics USA offer through ScopeUout?

Sun Optics products are all backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If you ever have any issues with a Sun Optics product just get in touch and ScopeUout, the NZ importer and Sun Optics themselves will have your back to get it sorted.

What sets Sun Optics USA apart from other optical equipment providers?

Sun Optics do a fantastic job of offering a wide range of rings, adapters and mounts to suit a huge range of rifles that other brands may not offer. This means that if you can’t find a mount to fit your set up anywhere else, then you may just be in luck with Sun Optics.

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