Summer is almost here

The long dark nights are a thing of the past, and the birds are often singing their morning chorus well before our alarm clocks are waking us up.... thank goodness winter is almost over and summer is very nearly here!

The shinning sun and improving weather makes us want to spend every minute of the day immersing ourselves in nature and enjoying the beautiful country that we call home. But, life can't all be fun and games, and although we would like to spend every waking minute bird watching or hunting our next big stag, many of us have jobs to do, businesses to run and families to bring up, and being outside 100% of our time isn't always possible. 

When we haven't made it out for a while and we're getting withdrawal symptoms, we take five minutes out and enjoy these awesome videos.... 


If you're as addicted to these awesome videos as we are you can check the rest of the New Zealand series out here. 

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