Sports Optics for Security

Protecting your NZ property

Whether you're a livestock or produce farmer, or have a lifestyle block in a remote location, it's likely that keeping your property secure is at the top of your priorities. 

Unfortunately, remote properties, with long drive ways, out of sight out-buildings and sprawling fields are often the target of opportunistic thieves who take their chances and venture on to the property looking for tools, machinery and indeed anything of value that they can steal and make a quick buck on. In other cases, planned thefts of livestock or expensive produce such as avocados and stone fruits can take place under cover of darkness, or in daylight hours in far off fields that cannot be watched closely from the farmhouse. 

If you're conscious about protecting your property and livelihood, along with looking after your own security, adding a few simple sports optics to your home will help you keep a closer eye on goings on, and complement any surveillance systems that you already have set up. 

Uses for sports optics

Not sure who's coming up the drive way?

If you've got a long drive way that snakes up from the road, it can be hard to see who's approaching until they've almost made it up to the house. If you've got storage sheds along the way, then it can be easy for potential thieves to go unnoticed at the bottom of the drive and make off with items of value from the sheds, or to quickly dip into the avocado orchards to make off with their lunch. 

Keeping a set of full sized binoculars next to a window with a good view of your drive way is a great way to get a closer view of your unexpected guests. See something out of the corner of your eye that looks suspicious? Simply take a look through your binoculars to get a closer look at what you think you saw, rather than having to continually venture down the drive to check out every possible sighting. 

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Saw some unusual movements in a far away orchard?

If you have land that spans over a long distance, but is in view of your home, then a spotting scope is an ideal way to get a close up view of any far away action that may be occurring. Whether it's unwanted pests, of the human or animal kind, a quick view through a well positioned spotter will give you a much clearer idea whether it's worth jumping on your quad bike to go and have a look, or whether it's nothing to worry about. This simple addition will free up hours of time when you could be doing more important tasks, rather than playing security guard on your own property. If your fields aren't too far away, then some standard binoculars will do the trick nicely too.

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If you're looking for some equipment to help keep your property secure, but you're not quite sure what you require then we'd be more than happy to help. Get in touch with your requirements and we'll make some suggestions. 

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