Magnification - Fixed vs Variable

Buying your first rifle scope and not sure whether you need a scope with fixed or variable magnification? Check out our quick comparison chart below to give you a clearer idea of what each scope is best used for.

Magnification - Fixed vs. variable scopes

Put simply, the magnification that an rifle scope offers can either be fixed, for example a 4x32 scope will only show objects at 4x what your naked eye will, or variable, for example a 3-9x32 scope will allow you to see your target at either 3x that of your naked eye, or 9x magnification.

Scopes with a fixed magnification usually have a low magnification, for example 4x or 3x, and scopes that have a variable magnification usually have a low magnification and a high magnification option. When choosing the best scope for you, it’s important to have a think about what the scope will be used for and how easy to use you want your scope to be.

Fixed magnification scopes

  • Easy to use and usually a little more durable
  • Offer a wide field of view meaning that you can see more of the landscape that your observing, making it easier to sight fast moving targets and to shoot at close range
  • Great for pest control and small game hunting

Variable magnification scopes

  • Offer a range of magnifications and can be used for a number of different hunting situations. Many people say that variable scopes offer the best of both worlds
  • Need to be adjusted to view targets at different magnifications
  • Allow a low magnification with a wide and bright field of view for close up sighting
  • Allow a high magnification for sighting in more distant targets
  • Great for a whole range of applications including pest control, and hunting in various environments and distances

Now you've got more of an idea about what the different riflescopes can offer, browse our rifle scope range to choose your ideal product.

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