Delving deep inside your binos

If you're anything like us, you make the right choice and leave the internal servicing and cleaning of your binoculars to the professionals. But have you ever wondered what's hiding beneath your binoculars rubber armouring, or been tempted to start unscrewing their various parts to take a peek at their porro-prisms?! 

Well stop right there....put the screwdriver down and take a moment to watch this lovely English chap inadvertently save you ruining your most prized possession through utter curiosity!! 

Simon seems to know what he's doing with these binos but we're happy to see that he chose a nice cheap pair just incase something went wrong - we'd hate to see a pair of quality binoculars get murdered on screen!

The video does go on a little but we still enjoyed finding out what's involved in dismantling binoculars and successfully putting them back together again.... not to mention getting a glimpse of those shiny prisms! 

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