Choose something different for Mum

Mother's Day present ideas NZ

It's time to break out of the norm, throw the lid off the usual box of Mother's Day present ideas, and choose a gift for Mum that she'll never forget. 

This Mother's Day, forget the jewellery, perfume or flowers and give you Mum the gift of ongoing enjoyment and experience, with binoculars, a telescope, spotting scope or a phone adapter.

Gift ideas for Mum:

If your Mum loves hiking or travel, then a pair of compact travel binoculars will give her the gift of sight on her next adventure. 

Does your Mum live in a house with a view? Help her enjoy that view all the more with the gift of a spotting scope.

The secrets of the night sky amaze people of all ages. Give your Mum the opportunity to see beyond the world as she knows it and get involved in astronomy with her very own telescope

If she's wildlife or bird mad, then some full sized binoculars will help her get up close with nature wherever she may be. 

Help your Mum capture her memories and experiences of the world around her on film, with an handy optics phone adapter

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