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Carson Optics, an introduction

Our range of Carson sporting optics offers an affordable entry line of binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and magnifies along with kids optics.


The Carson binocular range includes compact models such as those in the TrailMaxx and Tracker lines which are compact in size and ideal for having with you on the move. 


Carson's monocular offerings include a waterproof model at a great low price and also a key chain monocular which is a great gift. 


If you're looking for a new telescope that's ideal for the younger members of your family, look no further than the Carson SkeleScope and AIM telescopes. Great options if you want to introduce your children to the night sky with their first ever telescope and they won't break the bank. 


Carson have a huge range of hand held, head mounted and bench mounted magnifiers. Whether you're after a magnifier to help an elderly relative to be able to read better, or you need one for fly fishing, building models or sewing, there's a huge range of options to choose from. Check out their whole range here. 

Digiscoping phone accessories 

One of the biggest sellers from Carson has to be there HookUpz Universal Phone adapter. This awesome digiscoping adapter allows you to connect virtually any phone to most optics. If you want to start taking photos through your spotting scope, binoculars or telescope then you need one in your life. 


Carson make an extremely popular biological microscope that is used by schools, home schoolers and budding scientists alike across NZ. Offering a great price tag and awesome features, their table top microscope is a great all rounder. If you're looking for something slightly higher powered then they have a range of compact digital microscopes and they also have a range of compact kids microscopes too. 

A history of Carson

Not only do we love the quality, affordability and fantastic performance of our new Carson optics; we also love their origins. 

The Carson brand started over 25 years ago in non other than an American basement! Founded by Richard Cameron, an ex banker, the company continues to go from strength to strength in the optical field thanks to their overwhelming drive to improve the overall experience of customers using sporting optics. 

From their humble beginnings, Carson have expanded and developed into one of the leading manufactures of optics in the US. Carson has dedicated a team of engineers whose sole mission is to improve the customer experience; something that the team of ScopeUout hold very close to our hearts. 

Today, Carson products are loved by outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and astronomers worldwide, and products from their award winning line are always making it into the media for all the right reasons! You can read more about Carson here

Don't miss out on your chance to be one of the thousands of people raving about how awesome Carson are - browse our collection of Carson products now and buy your new binoculars, monocular, microscope, magnifier or telescope now! 

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