Brand new 2015 Pentax range now available

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We're excited to announce the arrival of Pentax's brand new range of binoculars at ScopeUout. 

Launched in early 2015, this new range of sport optics offerings from Pentax include three different ranges of binoculars; the S-Series, A-Series and U-Series. 

If you're as eager as we were to find out more about these fantastic new ranges which are now available to buy online in New Zealand from us here at ScopeUout, then look no further - we've got all the information you need to get to know these new binocular ranges inside out. 

All of the binoculars in the new Pentax line up have new features, technology and enhanced performance. Older models of Pentax binoculars are now being phased out at ScopeUout as we want to bring you the best and newest binoculars that Pentax have to offer. 

As always, Pentax have made a binocular for everyone with models available for all activities and budgets. Check out the new technologies used in the new Pentax ranges below and find out more about what sets the ranges apart from each other.

New Pentax Binocular Technologies

New premium level lens coatings

Pentax binoculars are available in both roof and porro prism configurations. Due to the complex optical design of roof prism binoculars, they require a high level of optical perfection to make them perform to a high level. To maximise the image quality of their designs, Pentax have utilised a new phase coating on their new range of roof prism binoculars. 

By applying a new optimised film-deposition technology on lens and prism surfaces of roof prism binoculars, Pentax are able to take image quality to the next level and manufacture binoculars that produce bright images with accurate colour rendition. 

Fully multicoated optics

In order to ensure maximum light transmission through their new binoculars, and ultimately to ensure that they produce clear and crisp images, Pentax have applied multiple layers of coatings to every surface and every element and prism of the binoculars in their new ranges. 

Protective lens coatings

To add to the durability of the S-Series (Waterproof) binoculars and help protect their delicate optical surfaces from scratches, Pentax have added a protective coating that helps deflect water, oil, dust and dirt. 

New Pentax binocular ranges

Pentax S-Series Binoculars

Binoculars in the Pentax S-Series range include SP and SD models (SD models include a brand new protective lens coating), and are available in waterproof (WP) and non waterproof designs so that you can buy binoculars that are ideal for your needs. Pentax have designed these binoculars with nature watching in mind, and suggest them for use on safari. 

S Series binoculars include large objective lenses to maximise their light gathering capabilities and are perfect for use in low light conditions. A rigid body construction makes binoculars in the S-Series extremely rugged and allows them to maintain optical alignment and ensure comfortable viewing throughout their lifetime.

Browse our range of Pentax S-Series binoculars

Pentax A-Series Binoculars

Pentax A-Series binoculars are designed to be compact, portable and durable meaning that you can always have them with you for all of life's observation opportunities. All A Series binoculars are waterproof and are available in both a roof prism and porro prism design to balance small size and premium image quality. Easy to pack and lightweight, these new binoculars from Pentax are ideal for travel and hiking.

A durable construction including a fiber reinforced polycarbonate design, their binoculars combine light weight and rugged styling. 

Browse our range of Pentax A-Series binoculars

Pentax U-Series Binoculars

The brand new compact porro prism U-Series binoculars from Pentax feature a dual-axis, single body design with synchronised eyepiece adjustment. Aspherical lens elements give you edge-to-edge sharpness making these binoculars ideal for spectating at sports matches and travel. 

Browse our range of Pentax U-Series binoculars

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Now you know all there is to know about the new Pentax range, don't miss out on your chance to get your hands on a set of their fantastic new binoculars. 

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