The perfect gifts for grandparents

Choosing Christmas presents for Grandparents

What do you give someone who has everything? We’ll it’s definitely not socks!

If you’re looking for a present for Grandad or Grandma this Christmas then it’s time to think outside the box and get them something that they’ll actually use.

Our range of sports optics has something to help you see better in every situation. When you’re getting on in years this has to be a benefit right?!

Whether your grandparents love fly fishing, horse racing, reading, painting trains for a model railway, watching the birds in the garden or enjoying the views from his deck, then we have the ideal gift to put a smile on their face this Christmas.

Check out our top picks below and get the wrapping paper ready to give the best gift around.

Carson 2.5x, 5x, 6x LED Lighted Pocket Magnifier

If your grandparents eye’s aren’t what they used to be, then this handy little magnifier is great for slipping in the pocked for a closer view wherever you are. Whether it’s reading a news paper or bus time table, checking out the horse racing results, or reading the instructions on the back of a packet, it’s a useful and thoughtful gift.

Carson Fish'n Grip 4.5x Magnifier (Tweezers, hook cleaner, line cutter)

Is your grandma or grandad fishing mad? Give them a three in one tool to help them thread their line with ease. They’ll love the Carson Fish’n Grip and it may help them bring home a bigger catch for the BBQ!

Carson SureGrip 2x Hand Magnifier (10x Spot Lens, Stand)

Make it easier for your grandparents to enjoy their favourite book, newspaper of magazine with this specially designed reading magnifier.

Kowa SV-25 10x25 Binoculars

These compact little binoculars are great for spectating at sports games, getting a closer view of the horses at the races, or enjoying the wildlife in the bush. If your grandparents enjoy any of these activities then they’ll love you even more when you give them these binoculars this Christmas. Easy to keep in a coat pocket, around the neck or in a glove box, they’ll give them the extra magnification they need to really enjoy the world around them.

Carson MiniMight 6x18 Keychain Monocular

The Carson MiniMight is the perfect keychain, compact monocular which is ideal for taking a closer look at just about anything when you’re out and about. Whether your grandparents love golf and need a closer look at the flag before taking their shot, like walking in the bush and identifying birds, or want an optic on hand to catch a closer look at the grandkids when they’re on the soccer pitch, this little gadget will be sure to come in handy. It’s especially beneficial if your grandparents don’t want to carry binoculars around but have room in their pocket for this little keyring.

KonuSpot-80 20-60x80 Spotting Scope (Black)

Whether your grandparents are fit as a fiddle or loosing mobility in their older years, a spotting scope will bring hours of enjoyment. If they’ve got a well positioned window with some decent views, then a spotting scope will be a great addition to help them enjoy it. Equiped with a table top tripod, this fantastic spotter from Konus can be placed on a small table and used either stood up or even sat down on a chair or a wheel chair. It’s great for watching animals and boats in the harbour, birds in the trees, or simply enjoying the vista. This awesome spotting scope can also be used outside in dry weather so perhaps you can take it with you when you next go out for the day with your grandparents. 

So there you have it, an affordable and useful optical gift to suit just about any grandparent in NZ. What are you waiting for? Get in quick and get your Christmas presents sorted.

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