Our first ever 40mm tube riflescope

This month we welcomed our first ever 40mm diameter tubed riflescope to our collection. Introducing the Valdada USA Recon G2 Riflescope.

A brand new offering to the New Zealand market, and one of the only scopes on offer in the country with a whopping 40mm tube, this awesome scope has a large 56mm lens allowing for exceptional light gathering, and a wide magnification range that allows for close to extremely long range shots.

Produced in collaboration with one of the best optical manufacturers in Japan, the Valdada Recon G2 is sure to knock the socks off long range and extreme long range shooters.

Features at a glance:

  • Made in Japan
  • Schott glass for all internal lenses
  • Finest ED glass for objective lenses
  • Mag-lock support system for reticle mechanism block
  • Superior tactical mechanisms with re-zero and zero-stop
  • Available in MOA or MIL
  • Illuminated centre dot reticle
  • 40mm tube diameter
  • Sunshade and lens covers included

Check out the Valdada USA Recon G2 Riflescope now.

Valdada also make a range of 40mm rings to suit your needs. You can browse them all here.

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