Kowa 99mm Spotting Scope - NEW!

The largest, clearest spotting scope we've ever seen. Introducing the Kowa TSN-99A 30-70x99 Prominar FC Angled Spotting Scope

For nature enthusiasts, birders and hunters who want nothing but the very best. 

  • Large, fluorite crystal lens
  • Large zoom range
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast and smooth focus
  • Magnesium body
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • Made in Japan

FAQ's about Kowa 99A Spotting Scope

What are the key features of the Kowa 99mm spotting scope?

The Kowa 99A spotting scope is from their flagship Prominar line. It features the very best lenses you can possibly get in a spotting scope as they are made from fluorite crystal. The scope features a huge 99mm objective lens and a powerful 30-70x zoom. Made in Japan, it signifies the very best optics that you can purchase from Kowa and many other brands.

How does the Kowa 99mm spotting scope compare to other Kowa models?

The Kowa 99A has the largest objective lens from all of the Kowa spotting scopes meaning that it can let in more light than any other model in the Kowa range. In addition, it has the most powerful magnification. The lenses used in the 99A model are made of the same fluorite crystal as those in the 88A spotting scope. Due to the larger lens size alongside the fluorite crystal, the 99A spotting scope will perform better than the 88A in the same conditions.

What is the magnification and objective lens size of the Kowa 99mm spotting scope?

The Kowa 99A spotting scope has a huge, 99mm objective lens which is paired with a very powerful 30-70x zoom. This configuration allows the scope to produce bright, clear images, even in low light conditions.

Is the Kowa 99mm spotting scope waterproof?

As you would expect from a spotting scope of such exceptional quality, the Kowa 99A spotting scope is fully waterproof thanks to O-ring sealing and nitrogen purging. This means that the internal lenses of the spotting scope won’t fog up in damp environments or in situations where the temperature changing quickly.

Does the Kowa 99mm spotting scope come with a tripod?

As with most spotting scopes, the Kowa 99A spotting scope doesn’t come with a tripod. Only some of our entry level spotting scopes include a table top tripod. The Kowa 99A spotting scope has a standard tripod adapter and can be used with any sturdy and durable tripod that has a safety payload of 2.5kg and above. Due to the quality and cost of the spotting scope, we would of course suggest getting a quality tripod to ensure a fantastic observing experience. A great option would be the Manfrotto 290 Xtra Aluminium 3-Section 3-Way Pan Head Tripod.

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