Getting up close with Pohatu's Penguins


Have you ever visited the Pohatu Penguin Habitat in Akaroa, Christchurch? If not, then you're really missing out on a treat!

The team from ScopeUout were lucky enough to visit the Pohatu Marine Reserve last month and go on one of their fantastic kayaking tours to get up close with NZ's largest colony of Australasian Little Penguin's. My goodness it was worth the trip!

Whilst kayaking around the coast we saw at least five of the little penguins, and not to mention being swarmed by a pod of Hector's dolphins. It was a fantastic day out and a huge credit to the team who took us; they did a fantastic job.

Our only regret? In the mad rush to get to the tour on time we completely forgot to take our marine binoculars with us so we had to rely on our (not-so-great) eyesight to enjoy the natural beauty. If only we'd had our trusty floating Gerber binoculars on hand!

Lucky for us, all was not lost and we had the privilege of watching some of the orphaned baby penguins enjoying their evening meal!

Next time you're in Christchurch make sure a tour at Pohatu Penguins is on the cards!

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