Bushnell Banner 2 Riflescopes - Preorder now!

Due to hit our shelves in mid November 2020, the awesome newly designed Bushnell Banner 2 scopes have been worth the wait.

Redesigned from the ground up in 2020, these epic, purpose-built hunting scopes now offer improved optical performance and an easy to use DOA Quick Ballistic Reticle. In addition, the new configurations offer mid-distance options and long range options so you can choose a scope that best suits your hunting style.

If you’re a Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn scope fan, then you’ll love these new versions of the Banner line, thanks to the newly designed optics that offer excellent low light performance and produce images that offer exceptional contrast and clarity. The result is an extreme level of detail that aids in target acquisition, ‘aim small, miss small’ accuracy and your ability to judge game in the field.

This optical upgrade of Bushnell’s legendary Banner series, offer hair-splitting contrast, resolution and supreme low-light performance and are built tough for deadly accuracy when you need it most.

Not only do the new Banner II line from Bushnell offer optical improvements, they’ve also worked hard to develop a pin sharp Ballistic Reticle that will keep you on target when you most need it.

The DOA Quick Ballistic Reticle has six dead-on aiming points out to the incremental ranges specified in the Bushnell Ballistic app for your chambering and load. Aiming points also include wind-hold lines calibrated for a 5-mph crosswind at each distance. To make things even easier and more accurate, you can use the new Bushnell Ballistic app on your phone to enter your specific chambering and load data, and the exact yardages for dead-on holds with the DOA Quick Ballistic Reticle are displayed for max efficiency in the field.

Available in a range of configurations including the age old 3-9x40, a slightly longer range 4-12x40 and a long range 6-18x50, there’s a Banner Two scope for everyone.

What you waiting for? Browse the range then contact us to pre-order your Bushnell Banner 2 scope today.

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