Athlon Argos HMR hunting scopes available now!

If you're looking for a hunting scope that's designed from the ground up with the average outdoorsman in mind, then look no further than the Argos HMR from Athlon. 

These awesome new scopes from Athlon are designed to be feature rich yet to meet the budget of the average hobbyist hunter. 

These awesome scopes are available in the slightly unusual configurations of 2-12x42 and 4-20x50, making them versatile and great for all types of hunting, from close, to mid, to long range. 

With a price tag of below $1000, these awesome hunting scopes come with a range of illuminated and non-illuminated precise, glass-etched BDC or Plex reticles, meaning there's an option to suit most preferences and ammunition loads. Capped turrets helps to prevent any accidental changes to elevation and windage in the field, and parallax is controlled by a side focus knob. 

The HMR riflescope range features quality glass and fully multicoated lenses and all models are argon purged to make them waterproof and fog proof. 

If you're looking for an affordable scope for your next hunting adventure, then you need to take a serious look at the Athlon Argos HMR scopes today. 

Browse our Athlon Argos HMR scopes now. 

FAQ's About Athlon Scopes

What are the key features of the Athlon Argos HMR hunting scopes?

The Athlon Argos HMR scopes offer quality and value and come packed with features. The main key features of these scopes are a variable magnification range, illuminated and non-illuminated BDC or Plex reticles, capped turrets and side focus parallax. They have fully multicoated optics and are waterproof.

How does the Athlon Argos HMR hunting scope compare to other hunting scopes?

The Athlon Argos HMR scopes have a quite significant point of difference as they are available in two, rather uncommon magnification configurations of 2-12x42 and 4-20x50. These unique magnification ranges make these scopes even more versatile than other hunting scopes on the market.

What is the magnification range of the Athlon Argos HMR hunting scope?

Athlon Argos HMR riflescopes are available in two configurations from ScopeUout. These are 2-12x magnification alongside a 42mm lens and 4-20x magnification alongside a 50mm lens. There are a range of reticle options.

Is the Athlon Argos HMR hunting scope compatible with different rifles?

The Athlon Argos HMR scopes are compatible with all standard hunting rifles but they are not air rifle rated so can not withstand the recoil of high powered air rifles. They are available in a range of different reticles to suit your preference. All reticles can be used on any rifle however the BDC reticle is especially calibrated to be used with a range of specific ammunition loads so that you can calculate bullet drop for your specific rifle. You can check out which loads they work with on the product pages for the 2-12x42 and 4-20x50.

Does the Athlon Argos HMR hunting scope come with any accessories?

The Athlon Argos HMR scopes don’t come with any accessories. You can purchase additional accessories such as stay on lens covers from Butler Creek.

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