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If you’re anything like us, then the idea of owning your very own drone will both excite and intrigue you. After all, the miracle of flight has interested humans for hundreds of years, and thanks to the wonders of technology, it’s now possible to experience first hand what it’s like to swoop through the sky like a bird.

There’s no doubt that using a drone to capture real time or recorded footage is fun and exciting, but there’s also another side to drone use that can enhance and improve our daily working lives. Lets take a look at the top ways to use drones in New Zealand.

Top ways to use drones in your business or hobbies


Lets not beat around the bush. Using a drone is fun and exciting, especially when you’re able to live stream your flight footage right to your mobile device or your googles so you feel like you’re really flying.

Farming and agriculture

More and more New Zealand farmers are starting to use drones on a daily basis to help them run their agricultural businesses in a more efficient way. Drones can help farmers to monitor what’s going on on their land, check on live stock, get important data about their crops and much more.

Building and engineering

Drone technology is perfectly suited for aerial inspections of existing buildings and structures, and companies and governments around the world are using quadcopters to do just that. Whether you’re wanting to assess the safety of a building, bridge or road, or wanting to check which areas are in need of maintenance, why put staff members in possibly dangerous situations when you can send a drone to get a closer look instead.

Aerial photography and videography

Drones have opened up a whole new world of affordable aerial photography opportunities for users who want to take still images and videos of the world from above. For amateurs, a drone can produce some awesome footage to share with friends on social media, and help preserve memories of a certain experience or adventure for years to come.

For professional photographers, drones offer a brand new avenue to capture footage of a certain location, event or experience for clients. It’s now no surprise to see a drone capturing overhead footage at a wedding or sports match, and video footage captured by drones is used to showcase the beauty of New Zealand to potential visitors from across the world. Footage captured by drones is frequently used on TV programmes and in blockbuster films.

The world of real estate has also been transformed by the ability to view a property that you’re thinking of buying from above.

Search and rescue

Drones can be an important tool to help find people missing in remote, inaccessible parts of the country or out at sea. Countries across the world are utilising drone technology to aid with search and rescue missions, and the idea is becoming more popular in New Zealand too.


The use of drones in hunting is a hot topic in New Zealand, with some hunters believing that drones are a great way to scout out game in the bush, and others favouring the more traditional approach to the past time.

Now you've had chance to consider all of the awesome ways that you could use your new drone, why not check out our range and order your new equipment? 

Whatever you plan to do with your drone, don't forget to fly responsibly and ensure that you follow all Civil Aviation rules. Download the Civil Aviation Authority Flying with Control brochure on the rules and regulations of flying a drone in New Zealand, and find out more on the CAA website. If you're planning on flying your drone on public land then you'll need a concession to do so from the Department of Conservation. Find out more on the DOC website.

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