Leica - optics with compassion and innovation

by Thomas Markham

Everyone sings the praises of ‘German Engineering’. The corner stone of an industry, German craftsmanship pushes skill and craftsmanship to another level. Leica is synonymous with this. Leica is the pinnacle of craftsmanship. From its inception in 1913 to the modern day the Leica brand excels at both style and substance.

Leica has a long and detailed history. Its prototypes were the first cameras to use the standard 35mm film in a 35mm camera; setting the standard of film and photography for years to come. A hard work ethic pushed them to further innovations with the Leica 1 in 1927 which was the first camera to use 135mm film. This force of innovation continued with the Leica 2, 3 and 4 with the addition of rangefinders and an increase in shutter speed. This force for innovation came from its progressive labour polices and its care for its workers whom were mostly Jewish. Most of whom were eventually assigned to overseas assignments to keep them safe before Germany closed their borders in 1939.

This compassion and innovation still prevail in their modern works, more so in their scopes and binoculars. For example, the Leica Geovid HD-B Rangefinder Binoculars. These binoculars offer one of the crispest high-contrast imagines alongside the extra value of outstanding depth and plasticity thanks to the Perger Perro Prisms within the piece, alongside a nano coating that helps protect the lenses from dust and grime. We here at Scopeuout stock only the best. Leica produce some of the best spotting scopes, rangefinders and binoculars. We stock Lecia.

The Geovid HD-B features one of the longest ranging capacities, up to 3,000 / 2,750 m, Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC), which includes point of aim correction for various reticules and bullet drop compensators, the perfect combination for any hunter. A micro SD memory card allows you to input your own ballistic parameters to customise your hunt. The LED display is crisp, clear and easy to see, especially with its ability to automatically adjust to any lighting conditions and their short measuring time of a maximum of 0.3 seconds.

Every product in the HD-B line has a simple two button operation, eyecups with 5 click-stop settings and an open ergonomic bridge construction. These binoculars have a classic feel; rugged and resilient, their fully rubber-armoured magnesium body keeps the lenses safe and secure.

Comparing this to another stellar model, The Ultravid HD Plus, we can see how Leica continue to astound and amaze. This light weight versatile model is perfect for observing nature at dusk or dawn with its SCHOTT HT glass it has an edge on all its competitors in low light situations. Not to mention keeping the view clear with its 10x magnification made possible by the perfect balance between transmission and contrast ensuring stray light stays at a minimum and that you view rich colours and sharp detail no matter the distance.

Leica continue to prove their capabilities with the Trinovid HD. Their classic and superior optical performance have been sealed inside a complete and versatile rubber armour whilst keeping the framework light weight at 630 grams. A combination of JCB and Gucci, this set of binoculars make the perfect durable tool for any outside vocation.

Leica don’t only excel at Binoculars. Their quality of rangefinders is also a class above the rest. Their Rangemaster CRF 2400-R is one we are proud to stock. The apex combination of precision and the compact form. A single handed rangefinder with a clear LED display and a detailed view up to 2,200 metres. This is a beautiful and practical piece that will find space in any kit, no matter the size.

We always like to save the best for last. In this case the title of the best would have to go to the APO-Televid 82mm spotting scope grouped with the 25-50x Zoom Aspheric Eyepiece. These 2 combined together create one of the best products we’ve ever stocked. Built with ergonomics and anthropometrics in mind these products are designed to fit the consumer like a glove through their use of rubberised control elements which also assist in keeping the internals protected and working for years to come. The 82mm spotting scope allows users, thanks to its dual focus system, to make precise adjustments at range without losing targets due to its zoom flexibility. This, coupled with the comfort the additional eyepiece adds due to its rotating eyecups, make it the only spotting scope you’ll ever need.

“We develop talent” is the motto that Leica work and live by. A brand born from one man who valued quality above the rest. We are proud to stock Leica because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to add this brand to their collection. Allow us to help develop your talent in all fields with Leica.

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