Generation 2 Primos Proof Cam Game and Security Cameras available now


Woman using Primos Game cameraWant to have eyes in as many places as possible? You need a Gen 2 Proof Cam from Primos! 

Now available from ScopeUout, Primos Proof Cams are designed with hunters in mind, allowing for discrete surveillance of animal activity in possible hunting locations. This awesome new range of surveillance cameras are sensitive to movement, and speedy at capturing activity either in photos or on film, so you can have eyes on the ground even when you're not there.

The Generation 2 line has a range of options at varying price points so you can choose the ideal game camera for your needs and budget. Whether you're after 12MP or 16MP images, or low glow or no glow LED's, Primos have developed a product for you. 

Not only are Primos game cameras durable and rugged enough for surviving being strapped to a tree in the bush for a year or more, the Black Out model is also a fantastic option for surveillance of your home, farm or business, thanks to its undetectable no-glow LED's. 

Check out our Primos trail cameras today.

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  • James Markham
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