Celestron - Quality craftsmanship the main priority

If you're looking for a quality telescope then Celestron have something to suit your needs. But the burning question remains, what sets Celestron apart from the rest?

Celestron have a deep history in military scopes and astrological telescopes meaning they excel in magnification and clarity, perfect for star gazing on crisp nights. Built on family values, to Celestron, quality craftsmanship is the main priority. Take the Ambassador 80 AZ Brass Telescope, crafted from authentic metal and hard wood, as practical as it is ornate, it blends past and present to create not only a beautiful looking telescope but one which triumphs at its purpose with a maximum optical zoom of 189x it stands above the rest with its elegance and functionality.

If a vintage aesthetic isn’t to your taste there are still a plethora of products to choose from. For example, the Power Seeker line incorporate modern German engineering and design into a beautiful and powerful telescope. Equipped with a 20mm and 4mm eye piece, 3x Barlow lens, Equatorial mount with setting circles to assist with tracking and many more features, this is the perfect telescope for the modern astronomer. With a light gathering power of 329x that of the normal eye and a magnification of 300% and the tripling effect of the Barlow lens this scope is a cut above the rest.

We also stock the NextStar SLT, Inspire, AstroMaster NextStar SE and the NextStar Evolution. A variety of scopes for a variety of uses. The SLT is a truly next generation telescope; incorporating computerisation and firmware into the telescope itself to help with terrestrial or celestial observations, with magnification strong enough to observe the rings of Saturn and to top it all off its exceptional design allows for assembly in minutes without the need of tools.

If you’re looking for a telescope for astronomy, then Celestron have an option for you – whatever your budget.

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